“yeh teri nazar ka qusoor hai…”



in his stupor, he doesn’t immediately realize that she’s looking directly at him. he blinks once, twice, but she’s still staring in open invitation. emboldened, he rises to cross the road and reach her.

 even as the truck crushes his wasted body, she stares into his drugged eyes from her place on the mobilink hoarding.


of all the pleasures known to man, there is one exclusive to riders of the kawasaki gto100 on breezy punjab evenings. he throttles a bit to draw alongside the civic, wanting to see the face under the streaked hair.

eyes meet, and he can’t turn away soon enough to see the curve that kills him.


“keep away from their women” was what they told him when he set up his clinic in the village deep in the tribal area. he had laughed off their worries then –  “i’m a city boy!”

 eleven months later as they empty the magazine in his chest, his last thoughts are of her beautiful eyes.


25 Responses to ““yeh teri nazar ka qusoor hai…””

  1. xill.. i have no idea where you come up with these! but they freakin awesome!!! i gotta try my hand at these sometime too 😀

    but damn they were nerve racking!

  2. they are*

    sorry.. the sleep’s catchin up :p

  3. try, try! i tag you to 55. you and anyone else. its easy, fun and catharctic.

    oh and thanks for the appreciation 🙂

  4. dude the creativity you possess is enviable. such skills of mine peaked and then faded off some time around o’ levels. credit to you.

  5. thank you. very much. 🙂

  6. oh so funny….ur mind so fertile always ozzing with comic jucie…..dude u rock….
    My friend says that i hav a very boring blog and told me that go n check out Xill-e-Ilahi and get some inspiration…… U r being topic of discussion…but trust me in a affirmative way….lolzzz

  7. thanksa lot. you’re obviously being misled 🙂

    ***shrugs modestly***

  8. Hahaha-

  9. bespectacled ankein…does anyone find them enchanting?

  10. actually i do….

  11. 12 No One

    The first one was pretty clever and a nice read…laters.

  12. i’ve often wondered how many accidents iman ali has caused.

  13. I’m wondering which eyes inspired the post 🙂

    Needless to say, great stuff! 🙂

  14. thank you and keep wondering 😉

  15. love the title (i had to sit down with my granny and have her explain the lyrics to me, line by line…amazing stuff).

    great scenarios; sadistic as it sounds, i’d LOVE to distract a man with my eyes to that extent (you know, where he goes off and dies…hell, i’d even settle for him bumping into a pole or something) though i doubt that shit ever happens. or may be i’m just bitter cause i have ridiculously ordinary eyes!

  16. hehehe tum khud kitni baar shaheed hotey hotey bachay ho 😉

    @ sobia : yaar ye topic of dishcusshun was supposed to b b/w the two of us, abbas ko q add karlia 😛 khawamkhwah isko modest bannay ki acting karni parrahi hei lols

  17. @ sarah:

    the almighty has yet to create a female form without the capability to bewitch males with her eyes… so hang in there. your pakiboi might end up bumping into a few corners himself 😛

    @ “mona”: kya baat hai bhye! meri advertising!!??? what you should be doing is introducing me to those supposedly gorgeous cousins of yours…

  18. dude.. i just might take you up on the tag to 55 :p
    been thinking, lets see when one hits :p

  19. the 1st had me hooked. good stuff dude.

  20. 21 SK

    ‘i’d LOVE to distract a man with my eyes to that extent, where he goes off and DIES..hmmm…I am thinking so would I…err…mr. ex??! 😉

  21. there are other men out there just waiting to be distracted. my turn to say “cheer up, shehla!”

  22. 23 SK

    ‘there are other men out there just waiting to be distracted’ Figures! They have nothing better to do, huh? Uff! Men! 😉
    All kidding aside…thank you again. 🙂 hmm..now only if an older, a more eligible guy would say that to me. 😉 Kidding again. Thank you . 🙂

  23. you’re very welcome. 🙂

  1. 1 The Word of mAn[S]o0r » the perfect match

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