profits, losses and the scent of damp hair


the method employed i would gladly explain,
while i have it so clear in my head,
if i had but the time and you had but the brain-
but much yet remains to be said.

lewis carrol, the hunting of the snark

i have a cousin who the rest of us normally refer to as “commando”. its got something to do with his being one of the most excitable people i know. show him a lighter and he’ll see a bomb, some smoke and bohri bazaar’s on fire. when he’s trying to explain some of his wilder ideas to you in a frenzied state while you look skeptically on, he’s liable to use one of his favorite catchphrases, aap samajh na sakay, mein samjha na saka (you couldn’t understand, i couldn’t explain) in the most ridiculously friday sermon style imaginable.

and yet there is great meaning in the phrase. it came to mind suddenly when i was trying to explain to el boss at three am in the morning why his computation was fundamentally wrong and mine was absolutely correct and why it should have been i and not him who was at home watching shamita shetty gyrating to asha bhosle’s sharara sharara instead of sitting in the office. not that ive got a thing for either shamita’s dance moves or asha’s vocals. but thats besides the point.

on an unrelated note, it rained. rain means different things to different people. nuisance, blessing, mercy, curse, pleasure or hassle or traffic or worse. whatever. for me, this rain was good. of course you have to discount the crappy experience of getting splashed with puddle water, the irritation of having to remain seated in class during the break and listening to the nitwit who thinks she’s better than both ernst and young jabber on about why she’s such a great auditor; and having to hear the macdonalds lady say “recently we’ve stopped delivering.” how recently? since it started raining.

but overall the rain was good. it brought the excitement to a face and the twinkle to two eyes that reminded me of long ago days when the call of baarish ho rahee hai!!! would send all us kids running to the roof while mothers tried in vain to get us back inside. of times when the amounts of water displaced by the car on the road didn’t result in worries about what would happen if we get stranded but was just another source of excitement – look to the right!! wow!!. when late afternoon rains meant samosas and pakoras and bhuttas and kachoree. and it brought with it two flushed cheeks and flashing dimples and the stirring pheremonal scent of damp hair…

i get desi-er and desi-er every passing day. two lousy raindrops and i’m dripping like a sieve.

i would have quoted a bunch of urdu couplets but this is the season of translated classics so i quote the arab poet, uttayah, from burton’s translation of alif laila wa laila, the thousand nights and a night.

she rose like the morn as she shone through the night
and she gilded the grove with her gracious sight:
from her radiance the sun taketh increase when
she unveileth and shameth the moonshine bright.
bow down all beings between her hands
as she showeth charms with her veil undight…

i better end this post before i say too much.


12 Responses to “profits, losses and the scent of damp hair”

  1. 1 herbwoman

    You took words right of my mouth and wrote them as yours. Wow. I love rains. But just for a day.

  2. which words were you talking about? 🙂

  3. shamita gyrating!! where where!!! me wanna watch too 😛 normally, it doesn’t matter to what though :p still would love to watch her 😀 haha

    the rain was good… i love driving in the rain!

  4. tsk tsk. no aesthetic sense mansoor. none whatsoever. here i am talking about a gorgeous (in a totally eastern way) babe and you have to talk about driveing 😛

    no wonder you’re still single…

    doesn’t explain why i am though.

  5. i like to say im between relationships at the moment :p much more politically correct.. 😉

    i guess if you WERE driving.. you wouldn’t have been single… hhmm.. or maybe just move away from the singleness?

  6. i was loving the weather n the rain until i got to hear ‘i wish 14th feb ko bhi aisa hi mausam ho’ -kinda comments…. that spoilt my mood.

    yaar i wanna chaapofy those carrol’z lines in my exams..if only my teacher had enough brains to understand my way of doing parhaii..*sigh*

  7. that would be ridiculously appropriate. i once thought of writing himmat hai to pass ker, warna bardasht ker but chickened out in the end.

  8. Lol @ himmat hai to pass ker, warna bardasht ker

    Another post for a certain pair of eyes. My my. Lol and I better stop here now or i’ll end up saying something so V-Dayish cheap and cheesy that u wouldnt want to read ur own post again.

  9. Rains and and playing in it, since forever. I think Karachi rains are special they’re so different from American/European rains. Karachi ki barish, just makes you smile from within. Great one, Abbas:)

  10. @ samar: go on. say it. let’s see how cheesy you can get 🙂

    @ henna: thanks!

  11. Ooohh. I got linked. 😀 And I need to get my hands on “the hunting of the snark”

  12. 12 SK

    LOL at ‘himmat hai to pass ker, warna bardasht ker’!! 🙂
    And as I said…don’t like the rain nowadays! 😦 Would love a kachoree though!! 🙂

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