and i miss you already


while i’m not the kind of guy you see dabbing his eyes with a kerchief at your standard tearjerker and i’m definitely not the kind of guy who believes valentine’s day means anything more than better than normal poondi at seaview, events and  the weather have conspired to put me in an inordinately mushy frame of mind this shab-e-valentine. blame the pwc recruitment procedure and kaifee azmi. and monica bellucci for not being an available karachiite named mumtaz balochi.

anyways, the man who also goes by the name of abbas karachvi – though only when he’s humoring his pretences to poetic aptitude in urdu – has come up with his first full blown nazm in his mother tongue. for that, if nothing else, i deserve a round of applause. of course i’m excluding the perverted parodies of allama iqbal’s and ismail meerathi’s stuff for kids. this one is all mine.

ajab manzar hai idhar jahan tum thehray they kabhi
waqt barhta nahin ke shaam amar ho jaye
ruk jaati hai yahin puhunch ker baad-e-naseem
yahi manzil hai,  ab tamaam safar ho jaye

mein nay socha hai mein bhi aaj rukh jaaoon yahin
yeh jo kuucha tha teraa, chaand rehta tha jahan
idhar tanhaai ka koi bhi imkaan nahin
saath dainay ko hain teray naqsh-e-pa ke nishaan

aur agar ankh lag jaye to mujh ko hai yaqeen
khwaab mein jaag uthay gee usee shaam ki yaad
pal bhar hi sahi nazar milee thi to sahi
chain bhoolay sey na aaya hai us shaam ke baad

eik to chehra sitam, zulf sitam baala sitam
rang-e-lab aisa gul-e-lala bhi sharma jaye
kisee hoor ke saanchay mein dhala hua jisam
narmee-e-rukhsaar se jal ker kali kamlaa jaye

palkein uthtee theen aur kaafir banadaitee theen
zahid ishq-e-butaan mein kai giraftaar huye
apna eemaan gaya – sauday mein nuqsan nahin
kuch lamhey us khizaan ke pur bahaar huye

tu ho ke na ho, tera ehsaas idhar hai
chahey lakh chaand hilal-o-badar ho jaye
ajab manzar hai idhar jahan tum thehray they kabhi
waqt barhta nahin ke shaam amar ho jaye

abbas karachvi – February 13, 2007

and if you think i’m going to translate my own stuff you’ve got another think coming. its corny enough as it is without being reduced to the ridiculous. say, “wah!”



18 Responses to “and i miss you already”

  1. wahhh!

    (for the bits i actually understood).


    awww….so cute, you’re in lurrrrve!

  2. oh! it is soooo nice.

    “tu ho ke na ho, tera ehsaas idhar hai
    chahey lakh chaand hilal-o-badar ho jaye
    ajab manzar hai idhar jahan tum thehray they kabhi
    waqt barhta nahin ke shaam amar ho jaye”
    it is some piece….

    🙂 keep visiting i will be posting some xtra classic poems/ghazals i have got.
    things which i feeel…

  3. wah wah wah!!

    a very well deserved applause for u 🙂 kisko dedicate karay ho ye bhi tou batao 😉

    *oh, n my cosins be the ABCD awam… bhool jao 😛 *

  4. aadab, aadab, nawazish, shukriya etc.

    ***adjusts the collar of the sherwani, sticks a paan in his mouth and reclines relaxedle on the gao takiya***

  5. 5 PsycheD

    so there was a conspiracy btn the mausam going bayman on vday eh? and i thot it cudnt get any worst for me!

    luv ur writing ishtyle – sorry discovered ur blog late…will try to be a regular now.

    btw…am not big on sher-o-shaeri…but am sure what ever that is that u put up is worth the wah wah! 🙂

  6. wah sure its dynamite!

  7. thanks people! 🙂 the appreciation is appreciated!

  8. From the parts I understood, pretty good. 🙂

  9. thank you 🙂

  10. 10 aasiah

    u must b pleased with all the wah wahs hehe… well worth it, if only i understood more :S i thot ur english was superb and ur urdu turns out to be wah wah too 🙂 if blogging ever becomes a profession u wud get paid a lot 😉

  11. aasiah, people like you make my ego feel sooooo good 🙂 thanks!

  12. 12 Saadat

    Okay. You have now officially impressed me. Will look forward to more stuff from Abbas Karachvi 🙂

    And yes, keep munching that paan!

  13. ive impressed mr. nastaliq?!

    ***adjusts the collar of his sherwani, tilts the rampuri topi and says “adaab”***

  14. 14 Cyma


    No more, No less.

  15. bhutto don’t tell me you actually learned some urdu over the years! but thanks. 🙂

  16. 16 SK

    Hasn’t read this one before. It’s beautiful. 🙂 Oh..and LOL @ ‘and monica bellucci for not being an available karachiite named mumtaz balochi.’ 🙂
    ****yep she’s still going through the archives, though almost done! 😉 ***

  17. aadab! and you can go through my archives for as long as you like 🙂

  1. 1 Ragheb Alama

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