“when the silver of the moonlight meets the lovelight in your eyes”


year zero 

he smiles as the twin orbs of beauty focus on his face and light up in recognition. reaching down into the crib, he gently touches her cheek as if to confirm that something so lovely actually exists.

his wife watches, contented – even though she realizes she is no longer the only woman in his life.

year ten 

he knows the other boys will make fun of him for sitting across her in art class – he can hear the sniggering already – but something’s made him do it anyway.

from behind her desk, the amused art teacher watches the first genuine crush developing among her young charges. well, she does have lovely eyes.

year twenty 

his camera pans around the hall as he tries to take in everybody who came but the steady motion slows and then stops as he reaches the bride’s gorgeous face, focusing on the sparkling eyes before turning away to look at his brother thanking the guests.

damn it asif. you were always the lucky one.


15 Responses to ““when the silver of the moonlight meets the lovelight in your eyes””

  1. Can I be asif?

  2. lol 😀 . that is probably the only comment i was not expecting 🙂

  3. 3 Mahwash

    nice… very nice..
    he he.. you have “eyes” fetish.. he he
    waisae you are going through an amazing “creative writing” phase these days.. you should consider writing a book or something… something on the lighter side maybe? I know you were thinking about it on a much serious and important issue.. but u know.. give it a thought:)
    and like i say… keep em coming!

  4. I know, I just ca’t help being unpredictable:P

  5. thanks mahwash!

  6. ohooo zaalim zaalim post 😛

  7. great stuff *claps*

  8. I shall not repeat what others have said and what you no doubt know only too well by now 😛

    So instead let me laugh a little appreciative “hehe” laugh at the topic of your post.


  9. something really out of the ordinary quite unexpected and sometimes even difficult to comprehend,,a mysterious blog ,,keep it up dear…you do have creative cells in you,,and btw the poetry was good..adios.

  10. 11 Saadat


    *goes back to read the post again*

  11. @ suga, samar, fabiha and saadat:

    🙂 keep visiting!

  12. oh and samar, the title is from a very old song which was a part of some soundtrack from a very old movie. i only remember one stanza, but it sounded kinda romaantick….

    oh the moon is bright and radiant
    but its radiance fades and dies
    when the silver of the moonlight
    meets the lovelight in your eyes

    pretty cool for ye olde english classics.

  13. feels o so sad 4 the brother-in-law in numero 20. it realli does happen..

  14. it most definitely does.

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