partition revisited?


the blast on the samjhota express reminded me of the stories i’d heard from my parents, aunts and uncles about the horrors of making it across the border at partition. i knew i had these 55-ers saved somewhere on my flash drive.


they gently pried away the six year old survivor from his mother’s body who started crying when he saw how the once white kurta was now a sickening red.

years later, he realized what the sack seeping blood in the middle of the bogey contained and why the women’s chests had been so unfamiliarly flat.


he hadn’t slept for three days, wandering around the tracks like a madman, seeking out people who had come from kanpur. “she’s fourteen” he would say, “tall for her age and fair as angel. you must have seen her. she was on your train.”

“what will i tell my sick wife? saima’s fourteen. only fourteen.”


he sits by the three fresh graves, two for his sisters, one for his wife. he absently slips his hand in his pocket and pulls out what he left them to buy. they’re round and they’re silver and would have looked lovely on their wrists.

three bracelets. two for his sisters, one for his wife.


11 Responses to “partition revisited?”

  1. I really don’t understand why people are against peace?? Why can’t we all live peacefully…

  2. the 2nd nd third left me with tears in my eyes. once again..realli moving stuff.

  3. screw peace. i could do with a simple nonviolent aantagonism thing.

  4. I came here to tell you I got the Al-Falalh diary, but it doesn’t matter anymore.
    Truth stings, even when your hair have whitened, it just does.

  5. …. sometimes words r not enough…

  6. 6 GH

    zag! its hatered on da basis of religion.

  7. this is a worthy and epigrammatic addition to the genre on literature on indo-pak partition. Powerful stuff dude!

  8. @ tanzilla: much as i would love to be so, but saadat hasan manto i am not. thanks anyway 🙂

  9. this reminded me of \’toba tek singh\’ by sadat. powerful stuff xill.

    manto did a good job to answer zag\’s question.
    its a shame that those who have the power to do sthg choose to do nothing as countless die everyday.

  10. thanks sidra. 🙂

  11. 11 Qudratullah Inayat

    bhot khoob bhaiyya, hum ko yaad hai hamara aurat ke saath sikh ne kya kiya. hum naahi bhoolay ga.

    mubarak ho aap ko bhaiyya. merry easter.

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