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got tagged by one of the few people who can make sense of my roman urdu, saadat. 🙂  so here goes: three things that scare me: the idea that shaikh rasheed is actually popular enough as a politician to one day become prime minister the fact that shoaib mailk (yes the guy who thew that […]

sometimes even loadshedding can be inspiring. i was watching a bug flitting around the candle on my table tonight as i sipped a cold glass of ice water. on somebody’s insistence, i am trying to reduce my daily cold drink intake. anyways i came up with this short nazm which i wanted to read to […]

when i was in the fourth grade i was on a flight that had imran khan, the super celebrity cricketer on it. this was way back in the eighties when the dude had people swooning just at the sight of him. needless to say, the whole plane was making a fuss. people from the economy […]

I she takes a deep breath and enters the hall, making a beeline for her seat. she slips the cell phone in her purse and looks up for the first time, hoping no one has noticed the flush on her cheeks. two rows down, the three of them huddle together. “think it was him? lucky […]

being your average uncouth karachiite, my only experience of islamabad has been a couple of stopovers on the way to murree. and being your average uncouth karachiite, i’ve kind of grown up with the perception that isloo is the city is where the ladies walk in low riders on the streets and nobody glances around to check […]

I he’s been waiting for that specific ringtone to go off for the past seven hours. he assigned it to her number because its his favourite track, an oum kulthum oldie, and it’s the one he always thought of as “their” song. “maha! hi –“ “asim? shit. got your number by mistake. i was calling […]

desis are odd people. i can say that and get away with it because i’m a desi. if i wasn’t, that would have been racist. what i meant to say was that non-desis are odd people, but that of course would have made me the racist and i really can’t afford a lawsuit at the moment. […]