“lat uljhee, suljha ja re baalam…”



he keeps reaching for the salad the waiter kept to his left. it’s the only possible way to look at her without looking like he’s looking at her. the cucumbers and onion rings finish all too soon.

it’s hard to eat when the only thing you can sense is the scent of her open hair.


he watches with something close to jealousy as it turns towards her, running through her hair, caressing it, teasing it out of place and letting one strand dangle down across the creamy mocha cheek. the dupatta flutters a brief instant and then settles down across her neck again.

the wall fan continues its rhythmic revolution.


he punches a few words into his phone’s keypad and then deletes them. again. where to start, where to end, what to say. everything eludes him. he hasn’t felt this dumbstruck for years and its annoying. it takes thirty minutes to compose a comment for a three nanosecond realization.

“you looked great today. as always.”


15 Responses to ““lat uljhee, suljha ja re baalam…””

  1. 1 No One

    Nice…keep writing! laters.

  2. great work!..
    this will be one of my favourites..:)

  3. 3 suganspice

    wicked…my fav!

  4. … meina lagaongi haath rey:P
    She must use Selsun Blue and definately must be the epitome of beautiful hands/feet.

  5. hey brilliant post…..

  6. i don’t know which shampoo she uses but henna, she is, she is. 🙂

    thank you, people.

  7. 7 PsycheD

    errr..what’d i miss?? what? wha????? :/

  8. nothing much psyched, nothing much.

  9. 9 Kenny Mah

    the cucumbers and onion rings finish all too soon.

    Very nice. Very, very nice. 🙂 So much mood and desire in one single sentence.

  10. thanks buddy 🙂

  11. 11 UD

    offoh abbas 😛 lolsss
    okay serious now.. nice post

  12. quit ribbing me mona 🙂 and thanks for the compliments

  13. nice…

    i like the ‘bahana’ he had to look at her..:)

  14. *i* had. 🙂

  15. 15 aasiah

    u do realise that ‘she’ is in all likelyhood reading this

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