daryani for president!!!


bottled feelings

the art world’s newest rodin, my buddy, tatheer fatima daryani has put up some of her awesome pieces on saatchi. obviously, all of you are going to ensure that she wins. voting starts at 0900 gmt on the fifth of march. c’mon people! you can see she deserves it!

to vote: click here (in case you didn’t get the idea, you’re supposed to cick on the tenth star 🙂 )


3 Responses to “daryani for president!!!”

  1. 1 Kenny Mah

    Tried voting but a pop-up window announced that voting only opens 9am GMT. Oops. Silly me. It’s 4:38pm where I am now, but we’re not GMT, are we? Will try again later. Good job posting this. I’m sure Daryani appreciates the support. 🙂

  2. lovely image yaar! i’ll definately post a vote

  3. 3 Asma

    Wow … that’s for sure brilliant — where’s teh voting link – ok there I go :>

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