“hamesha tum ko chaha – aur chaha kuch bhi nahin”



he’s been waiting for that specific ringtone to go off for the past seven hours. he assigned it to her number because its his favourite track, an oum kulthum oldie, and it’s the one he always thought of as “their” song.

“maha! hi –“

“asim? shit. got your number by mistake. i was calling asma…”


he looks down at the newspaper and realizes he’s been drawing her face in the white space on the kohinoor silk mills ad.

“who’s that supposed to be?”

“monica bellucci,” he lies, lengthening the hair.

“you can’t draw for toffee” she laughs.

he looks at his muse for an instant and then laughs with her.


it hits him like a jolt and he turns around sharply to see where she is. the rest of the group bursts out laughing at his reaction.

“dude, she’s at least a hundred years old”

“more like 45”

“round that off. she’s a hundred”

he smiles sheepishly, thinking, “ok. other women use tommy girl too.”


12 Responses to ““hamesha tum ko chaha – aur chaha kuch bhi nahin””

  1. 1 SK

    Big ouch! Nos. 1 and 3 hit too close to home 😦 So no comment…besides the one I just made!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your “desification” of Belluci’s name in a previous post..

  3. mumtaz balochi? 🙂

    she’s always been a favourite.

    bellucci, i mean. not the balochi edition.

  4. Hahaha- Bechara Asim. He sounds like a love sick pup. Please let him grow up and move on naa:P

  5. beautiful! heart rendereing… so…. real.

    but i cant decipher scents… thankfully!

  6. 6 Kenny Mah

    No.II is just the right amount of silly and sweet. 🙂

  7. No.1… story of a million guys out there… girls too i guess…
    waisae hubby never liked girls names which are also boy’s names with an extra “a” at the end.. hmmmm.. wonder why?? ;)………lol

  8. yes but i bet i’m the only one who’d have thought of making reference to putting up an oum kulthum track as the ringtone…

    i also have a balochi track on my cell. the type which you expect to hear if you conjure an image of a bunch of makranis dancing around a fire with pink bands tied across their foreheads and parrot green sashes acoss their waists.

    understandably, i’ve assigned that to my manager’s number… 😀

  9. 10 cymarizwankhan

    Apart from the trivial fact that i have not the slightest idea what an ‘oum kulthum track’ sounds like, ringtone or otherwise… I found the dialogue/script highly entertaining. Especially the Silk mills ad part! lol.

    I love it! 😀

  10. @ bhutto: the president of the entertainment society never heard of oum kulthum?!! and we wonder why people say we dont appreciate art….

  1. 1 “hamesha tum ko chaha - aur chaha kuch bhi nahin” « Dasht-e-tanhai

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