“kahan se seekha?” its in the music of the clinking of your bangles…



she takes a deep breath and enters the hall, making a beeline for her seat. she slips the cell phone in her purse and looks up for the first time, hoping no one has noticed the flush on her cheeks.

two rows down, the three of them huddle together.

“think it was him? lucky bitch.”


she carefully applies the lipstick and smacks her lips, satisfied. just the right shade, not too seductively dark, not too prudishly faint. she practices a smile, flicks back her hair and leaves.

the girl at the adjacent sink raises an eyebrow and smiles to herself.

we were so wrong. not an ice maiden after all.


she looks at the choker of pearls and tries to hide her disappointment that it wasn’t a solitaire on a ring.

“it’s lovely, really. but you shouldn’t have.”

she blinks back the tears as, smiling, he slides the smaller box across and unclasps it.  

“will you marry me?”

her muffled gasp echoes a thousand assents.


she smiles sadly as she thinks about her best friend gushing about the proposal on the phone, taking a last yearning look at his picture on the bedside table before tossing it in the dustbin.

damn you, asif. damn you, damn you, damn you….

she sticks the barrel in her mouth and pulls the trigger.


“why does everyone in your stories always have to die? even in these short ones? its very off-putting, you know.”

he shrugs and watches her as she shakes her head and walks away.

you wear that ring on your finger and ask me why i write of death?

he sighs and clicks the “publish” icon.


23 Responses to ““kahan se seekha?” its in the music of the clinking of your bangles…”

  1. so like. how much of this is fiction?!

  2. 2 mE

    what did asif do ?

    but like hemlock said, fiction merging in reality it seems or is it vice versa

  3. who’s asif?
    like the hero or the sidekick? or the hero who now has the status of a sidekick cuz his chick walked away with the sidekick making him the hero now?
    was fiction supposed to give you headaches?

  4. 4 suganspice

    damn u asif

  5. rearrange the genders and you get some idea of reality.

    thats not to say the guy in question uses lipstick or wears pearl chokers but you get the point.

    i hope.

  6. 6 emcee2

    quite interesting … but you took the fun out by decoding [:)]
    love your writing.

  7. oh ho… magar woh to previous posts se hi andaza ho gaya tha meray romeo bhai… yeh jo pyar vyar hai na… yeh unka hai kaam, jinko or koi kaam nai….chacha faiz fermatay gaye hain:
    dono jehan teri muhabbat main haar ke
    woh ja raha hai koi shab e ghum guzaar ke
    dunya ne teri yaad se begana ker diya
    tujh se bhi dilferaib hain ghum rozgaar ke

  8. @ anie: thanks 🙂

    @ hemlock: i can only respond with mushafi’s gem:

    naa chhair ai nikhat-e-baad-e-bahari, rah chal apnee
    tujhe atkhailiyan sooji hain hum bezaar baithay hain

    even though i totally agree with faiz’s viewpoint. 🙂

  9. ROFLOL!
    tujhe atkhailiyan sooji hain hum bezaar baithay hain
    im sorry 😀 it’s just funny when anotehr one of them falls prey to that thingy called “loee”
    chaltay hain hum… wagerna kehain gey aap:

    dil hi to hai na sang-o-khisht, dard se bhar na aye kiyun?
    rowain gey hum hazaar baar, koi hamain satai kiyun?

  10. 10 No One

    I have to agree with Suga on this one…’daim you asif!!’….

    Hmm…this fictional story of yours…reminds me very much of that bollywood movie called ‘meray yaar ki shaadi’…at least someone is having some filmi drama in their life…just kidding!! 🙂


  11. playing with words…. nice ….

  12. @ hemlock: you call it “loee”? how sweet…. 😛

    @ no one: how embarassing. my inspiration seems to be bollywoodish to the world. sartaaj! hum aisee baat sun nay se pehlay mar kyun nahin gaye?!! ***runs behind the pillar and puts his forehead on his wrist*** 🙂

    @ omer: thanks.

  13. Abbas! Im so sorry fer you.. ahem… and the girl with pearl chokers…

  14. 14 No One

    “sartaaj! hum aisee baat sun nay se pehlay mar kyun nahin gaye?!! ***runs behind the pillar and puts his forehead on his wrist***:—> I rest my case 😀

  15. you’re sorry for the girl who got the love of her life? bhutto you really are nuts. 🙂

  16. 16 SK

    Now this one is really eerie…..my ex is Asif! and I have been saying “damn you Asif” for a while now! 😦 Though my story after that would go…”she sticks the barrel in HIS mouth and pulls the trigger.” 🙂

  17. theres a murderer in the house!!!! 🙂

  18. 18 PsycheD

    yeah! damn u asif!!!! whoever u are! :S

    yaar this 55 fiction thingi flies past my head…but u do write interesting stuff – bollywoodish or otherwise 🙂

    LOL@ SK….go gurl! lol!

  19. 19 SK

    Xil & Psyched: 😉

  20. 20 MAZ

    Awesome Stuff man! I really Love your style in these short stories.LoL I just hope that one day ill be able to write half as good as you! Btw why don’t you publish your stuff?

  21. @ ali: i hope you’ll write much better than that, kiddo. 🙂 as far as publishing this stuff is concerned, i really do not think that any publishers will be as appreciative as you are.

  22. wow!
    the first three kinda went over my head.. but the last two drove the point home!

    awesome writing as always buddy!

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