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you watch animal planet and you see nature at her finest. packs of wolves hunting reindeer in the siberian taiga. graceful gazelles drinking at waterholes in the african savannah. the fish eagle diving for prey by the sea shores. the beautiful arabian horses racing in the saharan desert. and always the arrogant majesty of the […]

“society is now one polished horde, formed of two mighty tribes, the bores and bored.” lord byron and so life continues, tedium followed by tedium followed by tedium ad nauseum. sure there is the occasional interlude in the monotony but everything seems to get old very quickly. and so you turn to the little everyday ignorables […]

why the stereotype french woman is so sexy is no real mystery. sure, the dark hair, slender physique, sharp features and musical voice contributes but the real reason is obviously the fact that we have no clue what she’s saying. i mean she could be calling you a perverted goat or telling you how much your breath reminds […]

when the guys at suzuki, lets call them takeshi and hideichiro, created the suzuki fx back in prehistoric days, they probably had lots of dreams attached to it. they must have hoped for a car that would outrun the flintstones’ jalopy, not get snowed under in the ice age and have windscreen wipers strong enough […]

eavesdropping has always been one of my pet intuitive, if ill-mannered, idiosyncrasies. so has alliteration, as you can see, but that’s irrelevant. its not as if i do it intentionally but seat me in a crowded restaurant and i’m more likely to be zoning in on the conversation at the table beside mine than on the […]

not really. just trying to generate some google hits. there are a number of lousy things associated with coming from a family that traces its roots to the indian city of lucknow. like when you run into a dad’s cousin at a restaurant when you’re with friends and have to say “aadab!” as a form […]

metrosexual i am not – no ashton kutcher, i. neither am i that roguish yet sartorially elegant james bond type. hell i’m not even the sophisticool p. diddy variety. and this is a reality that i’m totally comfortable with. i’m your run of the mill average joe. ok, since this is desiland, make that average […]