he does it better than panadol….


the intricacies of the final tax regime are enough to make most mannequins weep tears of frustration. add that to a situation where the air conditioner’s not working, the class is jam packed and the guys on either side of you happen to be the type who’ve never heard of deodorant and the least you can expect to have by the time you reach home is a malignant brain tumour – well, ok, one hell of a bad headache. and all you want is a cold shower and a tall glass of iced orange juice.

 but then the fedex package on your table with the sears portrait cd in it gets you thinking. and when you do put it in your cd rom, the headache is blown away in an instant and all you can do is smile.

can’t help but love him.

its all in the glimmer of the eyes..awwww!!!!ok, where's my candy bar?


but then, he’s my nephew after all…


21 Responses to “he does it better than panadol….”

  1. awwwww mashAllah soooo cute.. lovely smile.. how old is he?
    and yes…. kids have magical powers that can brighten our day in an instant!
    they are miracles in themselves mashAllah…

  2. turned three a few days ago.

    and yes, all kids are miracles. 🙂

  3. anti-kryptonite – the source of all your powers. Puts things in perspective doesn’t it? It is reminder, like a back-handed slap to the face, of what is really important in life.

    Love your blog – always such a great read.

  4. 4 Saadat

    and yes, all kids are miracles. 🙂

    Nope. Ask my Ammi ji! 😀

    Cute kid! 🙂

  5. 5 Asma

    No wonder he’s better than any ponston panadol paracetamol 🙂

    Shooo cute masha alllah :> and I loves the first para of your post – you are such a good writer seriously :>

  6. yeah but he’s also, what, 4? 5? its different at that age! 🙂

  7. @ the olive ream: coming from you, that’s really high praise 🙂

    @ saadat: ok all kids except your own kids 🙂

    @ asma: thanks. kya kehnay hain meray 😎

    @ maryam: three 🙂 . that means he’ll only get better 😛

  8. Only one word.


  9. A very cute and shweeto bacha Mashallah!

  10. 10 suganspice

    Mash’Allah how cute is he!!…Awwwwwwwwww

  11. As the photos dont load in my part of the world, I cant really comment on your nephew’s charm and angelic sweetness…but since we’ve had an addition in our family i agree that children are blessings and miracles. My niece does wonders with just a smile and shes only 8 months old. Shes got us all wrapped around her lil finger.. 😀 As Psyche says in her posts “the baby therapy really works!”

    May Allah always protect our futures.

    The statement on body odor takes me back to my college days when certain bodies just refused to consider the concept of hygiene – there are memories of my nose frying…I rmr when my sister and her friend thought of buying a deo and handing it to one particularly nasty smelling gentleman so he would get the hint.

  12. @ sprite: don’t tell me your version of the pta actually blocked flickr!! where do these idiots come from?

    did the deo buying thing work? 🙂

  13. 13 SK

    Mashallah, very very cute. There’s a lot of confidence and love oozing out of his eyes. Mashallah. 🙂 Yep! Isn’t it wonderful how one look at a kid just makes everything brighter. The first thing I love to do in the morning is turn and look at the peace on my Fiz’s face, sleeping…and then cursing the jerk for leaving his daughter!!….but just those few moments looking at her just..I don’t know..hardly any words for that kind of a joy. 🙂

  14. none at all shehla 🙂

  15. 15 PsycheD

    i was gonna mention the baby therapy (for which ive gotten hooked on lately) – and i see that sprite beat me to it!
    sad thing is…..some lose the charm and the cutenes….and grow up to be damned 😦 sadness……

  16. hello there!
    i often visit ur blog, never thot of commenting pur the inocent smile made me post my comment 🙂
    nice blog by the way, love reading it, especially when m in office,lolz

  17. thanks. 🙂 wish i had a job like yours where i could check out blogs while in the office 😉

  18. naaa-u didn’t get it, i mean the job is tough na, so i usually relax reading blogs, litening songs nd sipping my tea, lolz, no buttering 😀

  19. oye hoye… bharam! 😛

  20. u r a karachite kia? dats what my karachite-cousins often use to taunt-ad bdw its not bharam 😛

  21. kids do that.. nephews do that even more.. 🙂

    dang man! u just made me miss my naphew even more! cant believe its been so long since i’ve met him!!

    there is some truth to the saying “mamoo ban gaya” after all 🙂

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