“teri ankhon ke siva dunya mein rakha kya hai?”


you watch animal planet and you see nature at her finest. packs of wolves hunting reindeer in the siberian taiga. graceful gazelles drinking at waterholes in the african savannah. the fish eagle diving for prey by the sea shores. the beautiful arabian horses racing in the saharan desert. and always the arrogant majesty of the great cats. but its not just about these smaller players. often the true beauty lies in the backdrop we tend to forget. the dive of the pelican is only measured against the cliff top from which it takes off. the stealth of the tiger against the long golden grass it hides in. the might of the mountains, the depths of the seas, the stretch of the desert, the vibrancy of life in the jungle. when Allah created beauty, He created beauty.

i don’t care whether or not you agree, but there is arguably nothing more enigmatically beautiful than a hole in the ice on the bering sea. the deep mysterious well of life in the watery black framed perfectly by the milky white solid expanse. who knows what lies beneath? the millions of secrets hidden below that circle of black. the magnetic magic that doesn’t let the observer turn away.

i don’t care whether or not you agree, but there is arguably nothing more enigmatically beautiful than her eyes. the deep mysterious well of life in the…..

opals on ice.


the people in the room are sitting in the dark, grumbling about the traffic jam and the power cut and wondering whether they’ll be able to make it home at all that night.the lightning flashes and she looks at the window in wonder.

“storms are beautiful, don’t you think?”

“they’ve got nothing on you.“


she sips her pina colada as her friends discuss summer fashions and hot gossip. for a long ten minutes she practices the art of coyness, paying no attention to him as he stares from across the room.she takes pity and allows their eyes to meet, smiling as she watches the effect on his face.


for the umpteenth time, he views the file on his computer. by now he’s even got the dimensions memorized. 800 by 600 pixels. it’s a shame she’s not alone but maybe that would have been asking for too much.he sighs as he thinks, “that could’ve been me.”

even closing the file seems like betrayal.


40 Responses to ““teri ankhon ke siva dunya mein rakha kya hai?””

  1. 1 SK

    This is very beautiful, Mr. Iceman…but what would SK say about now??……Cheer up! 🙂 It’ll take time, but will get better…everything will work out for the best in the end.
    (Wow, that sounds so much better and possible when you’re saying all this to someone else.) 😉

  2. so like, us file main kia tha? and agar save ker lo gay to closing a file wont make a difference, cuz then you can open it again.
    and then close it and then open it and then close it… and ye shall be the master of your fate.
    acha to umm… uski picture was in 600×800 pixels na… which reminds me, usko lightening flashes itne achay lagtay hain, to buy her a nice digital camera…
    i take pictures from my car while drivin, WITH teh flashes on… the people in the car in front of my end up thinking theyve been flashed by the speed gun …
    is tarah meri lane khali ho jate hai 😀

    oh im sorry, you were saying?

  3. Yahooo, rooznamah finally figure on a blogroll other than my own. Thanks.

    Dude, Aishwarya is married, get over it already. I myself am only now ready to shave of my overgrown beard. Baby steps, but agay ishq ke imtihaan aur bhi hein.

  4. 4 Saadat

    I know that you don’t care, but you mentioned two things that are arguably the most enigmatically beautiful of them all. What’s the real winner, though? Or was the former a metaphor for the latter?

    *scratches his head*

    Never mind. Silly question 🙂

    But yes, awesome post. And you can always crop that image, you know.

  5. the eyes does wonders…

    when they look past you, when they look through you, and when they just look at you…

    i agree buddy.. they do send the most amazing of sensations throughout your body….


  6. LOL! you thought mE was a GIRL!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!
    you really ARE trying to pick up women in blogistan arent you!
    *dies laughing*

  7. 7 PsycheD

    @ sk…
    hai na easier sed than done? hence i dont do – i let others mourn as much in their own ways – in their own time…but will always be there in case im needed…u want to hear me direct curses to the jerk – i will….but i will not TRY to convince u and pretend that thngs will be just fine – coz they wont…till you urself will admit that thngs are fine….
    sorry xill…taking up so much space here 🙂
    and btw….but i thot ur over the first failure…and that ur happy with the current….then y SK is empathizing/sympathyzing with u ???

    LOL @ hemlock

    and finally……aaahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahaa! u thot mE was a girl!!! LOL i wonder how mE’s gonna react to this:)and oh! care enlightening us as to how u assumed that?

  8. 8 PsycheD

    ps…damn! forgot all about the post…yeah nice nice….and about the last one…ud be amazed at the power of photoshop 😉

  9. @ shehla: trust me, i’m cool with things. even if i occasionally feel a little down.

    @ alibhae: lol @ the aishwarya reference. 😀 monica bellucci is more my type…

    @ saadat: thanks. and yes i know i can crop it 🙂 . i’m computer illiterate but not that illiterate.

    @ mansoor: ***sighs with you***

    @ hemlock: dream on fatty. still no chance for you.

    @ psyched: its the nick and the way its spelt…

  10. 10 SK

    Psyched: I know. 😦 And hey, I didn’t know Xil was happy with the current failure (how does that happen?). Doesn’t look like it from his blogs. Yeah Xil, then why HAVE I been empathizing with you?!
    Hemlock: LOL!! 🙂

  11. 11 SK

    Oh and XIL: Glad you’re fine. 🙂

  12. xille: HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH… HAHAHAHHA im not the one making women out of everyone who comments …. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    it’s ok … hota hai 😉 apni ammi se kaho tumhain koi chand si bahu la dein :p
    SK, psyched: shukreya! shukreya! no pictures today plz, im having a bad hair forever :p

  13. Wow, that pool of ice and then the eyes. Beautiful.

    Though I beg to differ with you about finding hunting scenes on Animal Planet breathtaking, the scenery (and the way you describe it) is certainly awe inspiring (and it doesn’t actively kill anyone too).

  14. @ hemlock: i’m not! i’m not! in you i see a huge pink elephant wearing baggy jeans…

    @ sabahat: thank ye most kindly. 🙂

  15. 15 anie

    so u associate beauty with enigma … in all instance quoted
    hmmm … i wonder what happens when the mystery unravels? 🙂

  16. 16 PsycheD

    err…xil..i thnk sk is all confused 🙂

  17. 17 suganspice

    Wicked stuff!

  18. how do you shoot a pink elephant?
    with a pink elephant gun.
    how do you shoot a blue elephant?
    with a blue elephant gun.
    how do you shoot a yellow elephant…. *malicious laughter*
    with a yellow elephant gun….?!
    YOU MORON! have you EVER SEEN a YELLOW elephant?

  19. 19 SK

    Psyched: Hain? How?

  20. @ anie: the tragedy is that it seldom does. and thats also the greatest thing about it… 🙂

    @ psyched: thats because you’re confusing her!

    @ nadia: thanks 🙂

    @ hemlock: no i dont think i saw you when you had jaundice 😛

  21. 21 SK

    lol! at the comment to hemlock! 🙂 Sorry hemlock. 🙂 That was just too easy.
    And I am not confused…I think.. 😉 Just too nice. 😉

  22. **he sighs as he thinks, “that could’ve been me.”

    even closing the file seems like betrayal.**

    the lines u write are so raw with emotion,
    i felt a pang in my own heart…

    this little bursts of italicized brutal honesty
    are situations we can all relate to…

    i hope things work out for u..
    this sort of suffering is not something all of us can endure…

    but what i love about ur work..
    is firstly the fact that u can make me feel what u feel, with such depth and clarity…

    and secondly…i love how u highlight the importance of the small joys in life…how even just the smile of a loved one can make the gloom of life disappear .. 🙂
    its a beautiful feeling


  23. lol sk… no worries… it was a joke i read ages ago…
    xille: you have havent seen me with or WITHOUT jaundice :p
    see. yer totally hitting on me, trying to get me to send you my pictures.
    give it up. im. just. not. interested.

  24. @ bee: thanks for finally commenting! and, um, thanks! 🙂

    @ hemlock: you really need to stop using lsd. the delusions are frightening…

  25. you know how to spell LSD.
    *swoons and dies*

  26. happy to oblige.
    pleasantly surprised to see uve written more!
    *rubbing hands gleefully*

  27. 27 Aks..

    i just love the way its all written, interlinked, short but complete. no doubt u hav got an impressive writing style.

  28. 28 PsycheD

    LOL @ hemlock’s swooning 🙂

  29. 29 MARYA

    where are u lost now? write some more of ur zabardast stuff na 🙂
    u got the ability to touch the heart with ur beautiful words, seriously!

  30. @ hemlock: well at least you died… 😛

    @ bee: 🙂

    @aks: thank you! 🙂

    @ psyched: correction – you were laughing at her death right?

    @ marya: thank you. 🙂 i’m taking a brief sabbatical from blogging. will be back soon, inshAllah.

  31. no… seriously … tell me… did you google the spellings? 😀

  32. 32 uglyduckling

    amazing post … wow …. just wow !!

  33. ur taking a sabbatical!?

    *throws hands up to the sky*

    why, God, WHYYYYYyyyyy!?
    *hysterical sobbing*

    lol, sorry, enough melodrama 🙂

    nahin, but seriously..
    how come?!

  34. yahan itna sannata kiyun hai bhai?

  35. 35 SK

    EXACTLY what I was thinking hemlock! The guy just disappears! Hope everything’s o.k Xil…oh and if it is and you’re still not replying to ALL THOSE comments left by some of us, I am resigning from leaving comments to your posts! :p 😉
    ***And Xil thinks “Aah! So that’s how you get rid of her. Hmm..shoulda done his sooner” or worse yet “Is that a threat SK, or motivation to stop replying?”*****

  36. it’d be sad if i was the reason he stopped blogging.
    but then i AM hemlock – the death of intellectual intercourse….but wait! in THAT case [ the intellectual part ], he shouldnt have been affected!

  37. 37 MARYA

    seems as if closing particular file made u take this gap(rest?) 🙂
    wow! people are curious janab–lolz (kidding)

  38. 38 SK

    Hemlock…Wow! Must be something real serious if he did not even respond to the comment you made up there! hope everything’s fine.

  39. 39 falsa

    Opals on ice. Sugar and spice. I can’t beat that. Ever. Sadly:P

  40. where you hidin mate?

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