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a state of prolonged unconsciousness, including a lack of response to stimuli, from which it is impossible to rouse a person. either that or a wilful lockdown of the inner self. i’m dead. do not drop by again. Advertisements

said one girl to another, referring of course, to the thirty something guy with his daughter in his arms. if this was the only information i gave you, you’d wholeheartedly concur and probably throw in a few choice epithets of your own. so would i. but if i told you that the lady in question […]

there are reasons why auditors are generally considered to be the wierdest form of humanity after pakistan muslim leaguers and p.i.a. air hostesses. innate wit and a splendid sense of humour are not among them. neither, of course, is sanity. so when you become the ball being kicked around between managers who insist you get to the […]

bibi tagged me to fill out this incredibly open-ended list. its the kind of thing i imagine 14 year olds who “wants to be makes fraandships” do on the phone at 2 am in the morning from under theire respective blankets. i wouldn’t know. haven’t been 14 in years. and there were no phones back […]

you become an auditor and you go places where sane men have never been before. places which, when talked about, leave the audience in tears (of sorrow or laughter depending on who they are) and occasionally in abject disbelief at the things we encounter in the name of good corporate governance and true and fair […]

 in true patriotic inzi-style, first of all thanks to Almighty Allah that my mother is now feeling much better and has started walking (with the help of a walker) again. Inshallah she’ll be fully mobile within a month or so. the surgeon was a good doc and a really nice guy in the bargain. that he looks […]