bubbar shah (punjabi, rangeen)


 in true patriotic inzi-style, first of all thanks to Almighty Allah that my mother is now feeling much better and has started walking (with the help of a walker) again. Inshallah she’ll be fully mobile within a month or so. the surgeon was a good doc and a really nice guy in the bargain. that he looks like salman rushdie is significant, if slightly irrelevant in the context in which he has been mentioned in this post. the boys played well and ball was coming to bat and afridi is good player and mushee bhai is good bowling coach.  is good pitch and we hopes to win next match also. thank you tony.

and all of you for your prayers.

my life, otherwise, is pretty much the same old same old. which is to say that it is the same old crap for me and the same old series of unconnected ridiculous events for you. take for example the case of the new teammate who puts on a confused frown whenever you say something in urdu and asks you to repeat it. she also has an accent which she claims she picked up in pakistan but would be more at home in cincinatti than in chichawatni. you get the general idea. talking to such people is always a challenge. as the processor in my head is unfortunately the type that dials 1 for urdu mein maaloomat rather than 2 for information in english, everything i say in english is actually a translation of an urdu thought. which would not normally be a problem except that you tend to translate addresses like f 1/5, shershah to f 1/5 lion king. etc etc ad nauseum.

of course the latent lollywood movie mogul in me manages to pick up ideas for future box office hits from such lapses in conversation. like my upcoming project, the animated feature film, bubbar shah. the film focuses on a young lion in sargodha named bubbar shah, (or bubbra for short) who learns of his place in the zindagi ka daira while struggling through various obstacles to become the rightful deputy commissioner of sargodha district. bubbar shah will be a musical film, with songs written by composer hasan jehangir and choreographed by papoo samrat. i can already see the obligatory love interest, sherni, (voiced by saima) gyrating in the sugarcane fields to the tune of the title track, nach lein day oh bubbra saiyyan, karda ae dil chaiyyan chaiyyan…

i see an oscar for best foreign film in the not too distant future.

incidentally, and you can look the papers up if you don’t believe me, thirty thousand japanese people have committed suicide since atif aslam released his album last year. go figure.

i think i’ve forgotten how to write.


27 Responses to “bubbar shah (punjabi, rangeen)”

  1. 1 skzworldofdreams

    You absoultely have not forgotten how to write. 🙂 This is actually beautifully written AND hilarious! My daughter is looking at me all weird right now, and after 2 secs of seeing me laugh, she starts laughing. So you’ve achieved the 2-in-1 effect here. 🙂 ANYWAY, glad your mom is doing well. Will keep praying for her. 🙂
    lol@ the inzi way of writing such a serious topic though and @ ‘the processor in my head is unfortunately the type that dials 1 for urdu mein maaloomat rather than 2 for information in english, everything i say in english is actually a translation of an urdu thought. which would not normally be a problem except that you tend to translate addresses like f 1/5, shershah to f 1/5 lion king. etc etc ad nauseum.’ 😀 You should soo write a book. ‘In all seriousness’ 😀
    err..lollywood mogul…title track, nach lein day oh bubbra saiyyan, karda ae dil chaiyyan chaiyyan……babra,err, yah..total oscar material..so us ‘good doc and really nice guy in he bargain’ ka faida nahin uthaya? Apna bhi..err…check up? No? 😀
    Good to have you back. 🙂 Sorry for the long comment! Oops!

  2. thanks and i actually enjoy these longer than my post comments 🙂

  3. 3 Saadat

    Good to hear about your mother 🙂

    Hilarious post! I can actually relate to the Urdu first and then the English translation. It’s always fun to realize what you have spoken and then try to suppress your guffaw before the fellow you are speaking to understands what happened.

  4. Lol @ the inzi style—he is a style icon for sure–lols
    u bet, this song will be on the desi charts soon–once u release that 😛

    And it so nice to know that ur mom is well now, InshaAllah she will be completely mobile soon.

  5. you killed the japaneseses with that post. im disappointed in yew.
    will your movie be “rangeen manazaraan ton labreiz”?

    who’s playing the sher? i mean bubber?

  6. 6 mE

    may your Mother get better soon,

  7. lolz dude! u haven’t forgotten it all atleast!

    best of health to your mom!

    though im wondering why the doc was so interesting to you 😀

  8. 8 skzworldofdreams

    HAHA!! Mansoor hit the nail right on the head!! I was kinda avoiding saying the ‘doc’ thingy. 😀

  9. @ saadat: suppressing guffaws takes up a huge chunk of my day too 🙂

    @ marya: ameen. and yes, you will soon be watching me getting interviewed on filmazia… 😛

    @ hemlock: shafqat cheema. only because sultan rahi is dead. incidentally there was a sultan rahi movie named “bubbra” in which he played a character called bubbra badmaash or something. how’s that for a grip on lollywood trivia?

    @ mE: ameen

    @ mansoor: yaar tumhari to zehniyat hi kharab hai…

    @ bibi: … and you just need a bandwagon to jump on to! 😛

  10. 10 skzworldofdreams

    Sharam karo…I ignored the first ‘ouch’ you threw at me on Mansoor’s blog…no apology for THAT one..and now this. 😦 WELL!! FINE!
    I need to have SOME fun! But it does depend on where the bandwagon is going to…and this one was going to a fun place!! 😛

  11. arrey bibi… don’t get so sensitive!! 🙂

  12. 12 suganspice

    Glad to know ur mom is doin well MashAllah 🙂

    bubbra…too funny..what next?

  13. 13 skzworldofdreams

    hmmm….I guess…. O.K. 🙂 Just having the ‘worthless me’ moments nowadays, nah…on top of that when someone suggests you’re fickle…not good. 😦

  14. 14 umarah

    gd news ur mother is doing well.btw i m from sargodha n on my next trip there i shld b looking for this bubbra shah;)

  15. 15 falsa

    Good one,hoping mum’s better now. I have never seen a hot doctor in my life, except on t.v.

  16. update already.
    your posts arent that great that they need be (re)read.

  17. 17 UTP

    Now I am glad I came back to read your blog…always fun to read…

  18. 18 skzworldofdreams

    hemlock: According to Xil, I guess us minions, S.L.O.W. pokes need to be given a lot of time to digest one post by the ‘shadow of god’!! 😛 *AND then Xil wakes up from his dream!* 😀

  19. 19 SK

    And hem, you have to admit, his posts ARE very good…but we ARE BRILLIANT women, frosty, and we ‘get it’ the first time, so as hemock says, update already!! 🙂 Hope your mom’s doing better.

  20. SK: xille would NEVER say such a thing to my face cuz he knows if he did, it break his 😀
    course his posts are good. they are brilliant!!! that’s why i read them 😀 but i can only read a post so many times before i start reciting them in my sleep.
    so yes, new material needed…


  21. 21 skzworldofdreams

    Yo, bubbra…. 😀 …sorry couldn’t resist…you’ve been tagged, mr. Atleast do THAT!! 🙂

  22. @ suga: 🙂

    @ umarah: you do that girl, you do that.

    @ falsa: you and that damned scrubs…

    @ umar: thank you and keep coming

    @ hemlock and bibi: ladies, ladies… i know you’re madly in love with me but flirting won’t achieve anything. 😛 money will. so start sending some already. 😉

  23. 23 skzworldofdreams

    Ye dekho…DUBAI aur AMAREEKA se larki ne baat kya karli, larke ka dimagh hi kharab hogaya! Paisa hi paisa nazar aaraha hai 😀 You first…the money sending thing! 😛 Paise bhejne se pehle lekin apne liye kuch paise rakhlena…dawa ke liye…dimagh ki dawa! ;P
    And you are SOOO lucky you ain’t saying this face to face! 🙂

  24. 24 PsycheD

    ahahahahahaahahahahaa……….n ur supposed to be an awwdeeter?

    can i suggest some angle shots please? 😛

    oyee! what ever happened to my article???? b4 u actually forget to write (God forbid!) i wud like to print some of ur masterpieces ! – i cannot masko-fy more than that!

  25. :madly in love: with you?

    habibi! do you even know what those things mean? did you get kicked around in school and were told it was a good thing and the boys were just flirting with you?

    ok, lemme explain. when someone kicks your backside, it aint flirting 😀 it’s supposed to be an insult. like. yer supposed to get offended.
    oh crap, you wont know what that means. now ill have to give you lessons in dignity and self respect first.

    *i need to STOP devoting my time to social causes*

  26. @ bibi: yada yada yada…. kaam ki baat kerain. call me when you get to the western union office 😛

    @ psyched: you don’t need to maskofy. i’m on it 🙂

    @ the whole wide world: see! she called me habibi = darling = jaaneman and many other totally cheap translations. its like she’s totally coming on to me. poor thing. i know i’m irresistable but this is just too much… tauba! aaj kal ki larkiyan..

  27. 27 skzworldofdreams

    hemlock!! That was too easy…I mean I read ‘habibi’ and my minds going ‘uh oh’ and guess what?? Xil picked it up..he was bound to!! Yaar! You need sleep badly!!
    Achha waise Xil, zyada phelne ki zaroorat nahin hai…it does not mean jaaneman o.k? More like ‘dear’.. Na punjabi aaee na arbi! 😛
    And Xil, sorry…ek aadmi ka already mere amreekan hone see faida ho chuka hai…Needless to say I don’t think I’d fall for it a second time!! Western Union indeed!! 😛
    And may I repeat what Psyched said: ‘n ur supposed to be an awwdeeter’ 😛 You are supposed to check out of there is any exxageration of facts, right? Not have delusions yourself! 😛 Tumhara review huwa hai lately? 😀
    Psyched: Angle shots? Absolutely! Always open to more suggestions on how to… 😉

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