there are pink heart shaped clouds in gujjar khan


the next time you want to feel alive, i strongly recommend you try letting your horse gallop at full speed along the ghoragali track near murree while your arms hang loose by your sides. its rash, dangerous, the most ridiculous way to get a thrill possible and yet – beautiful. or you could sit on a rock in shangrila, watching the world disappear in milky white wisps as the clouds envelop you and the only sound you can hear is the gentle rumbling of distant thunder. you could, if you are so inclined, go a little off track in the margalla hills and see, feel, hear, smell, taste the life all around you. or you could sit on a manji in any village along the gt road and watch the stars light up on the clear night sky. or you could stop your car on the motorway near lawrencepur and listen to your own heart beating over the roaring sound of silence.

or maybe, through the rotten flu symptoms, you could spend the night taking in the panacea that is her voice on the phone. two hours and twenty one minutes are all it takes.

this evening there was a huge pink heart shaped cumulus over gujjar khan. and i don’t know why but david bowie was crooning i’ll be there for you-oo-oo as the world falls down on the radio. that’s heady stuff. then again, so is the smell of her damp hair in the mornings.

why is it only possible to be unfunny when i mention her?


31 Responses to “there are pink heart shaped clouds in gujjar khan”

  1. eww, yer so gross. =P
    happy birthday punk!

  2. *wide eyed* *breathless*

    i think I almost dint breathe all through your description.




  3. By the bye my orkut reminded me that it was your bday on 28th August, 😛 so wishing you a wee bit in advance incase my bday alarm doesnt go off on my cell…


    You are one of the most amazing people ive ever met in my life so far! the kind of people that last in ure memory. 🙂 DONT CHANGE, and there will be more fudge in the chocolate of ure life! inshAllah!

  4. 4 skzworldofdreams

    Hem: Hain??!! It’s not his B’day today? 29th, Nahin? Don’t tell me!! I was waiting for the 28th midnight thingy!! Uff!! Dekha! Yeh hota hai when he disappears every now and then.
    Khair Xil, I guess, Happy Birthday. Chin up Mister. You’re sounding like me in this post. Err…so I thought you’d moved on? So you back with fudge? She said yes? Awesome for you!! 🙂
    Hey!! I want to go all these places you mentioned in the first para!! Have to keep a list now till Mr Knight shows up.
    Oh and if I were to not answer like I did up here, but were to answer like the XilleIllahi to such a sensitive post: You’re so dumb. Unfunny is not a wrod, silly. It’s serious. 😀

  5. 5 skzworldofdreams

    Oh…and may you have many more to come…Birthdays… 🙂

  6. 6 SK

    AANNNDD I second Cyma on the “you’re the most amazing…blah blah”. 🙂 Seriously. Of course, shame that you disappear so much every now and then, you’re MOSTLY a memory! 😛

  7. 7 SK

    Hem: :S It be 29th yaar…

  8. @ hemlock: pank thou, yunk.

    @ bhutto: thanks a lot 🙂

    @ bibi: it’s the 28th. and thanks. and no she’s not said yes. yet. doesn’t matter. she can’t take away from me the fact that i’m nuts about her. and as this guy i met in gujrat said, “chahnay ka apna nasha hai, chahay janay ka apna nasha hai”. one’ll have to do for me. 🙂

  9. Wow. I like fudge too but mine just melted. So I’m scooping it from real deep below. Sigh.

  10. what i wouldn’t give to have her melt for me…

  11. 11 aggressivesoul

    lovely. the description, the passion..

  12. 12 skzworldofdreams

    This is too sad. 😦 So why are older guys not like you? 😦 Khair!! Coming back to you 😛 …oops sorry about the date thingy. Hmm…my bro in law’s B’day is on the 28th as well..wish that was a compliment. 😛 Cheer up Mr. The battle’s not lost yet, right? You did say ‘yet’ hain nah? Well…think positive, stay the way you are (err…except for the disappearing part 😛 ), and everything will work out for you, Inshallah. And while you’re at it, find me an older and non-disappearing version of you. 😀 😛

  13. 13 skzworldofdreams

    And when you love someone so much you tend to be serious with and around them/when talking of them, coz that’s like…I don’t know…you’re content, you have everything, you don’t need to say anything, you’re home…that’s how I was with ‘him’. Usually known to crack people up, with him I was quiet, just content to be with him, coz that was the ‘real thing’ for me, i didn’t need anything else, I was at peace…that’s why you’re ‘unfunny’ when you mention her…and if that’s not the reason then I just gave a whole LOOOONNNGGG unnecessary comment! 😛 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! May you have many many more to come!! And a lifetime of joy and happiness. 🙂 Or as you would say HAPPY BIRTHYEAR!! 🙂

  14. 14 Saadat

    *sigh of relief* I finally caught someone in right time to wish them a happy birthday.

    Happy birthday, jahan panah! 🙂 Huzoor ka iqbal buland ho!

    And by the way, great post. As always.

  15. @ agressivesoul: thanks. 🙂

    @ saadat: hum khush huay. 🙂 thank you!

    @ bibi: thats too nice a speech to just say “thanks” to. 🙂 but thanks. buckets and buckets of fresh thanks for you, right from the stream where every drop of thank is collected… 🙂

  16. roflol @ sadaat… xille, he called you ganja, and you are happy about it? he said, hazoor ka “aik baal” buland ho.
    hahaha. that was so funny.

    ok it wasnt really. excessive excel tends to mess up my head :p
    (hazoor ka aik baal….. hahahhahahaha…)

  17. 17 SK

    Xil: 🙂
    Hem: 😀
    *I have different expressions for different people. 😀 *

  18. sk: 😉 :p :> muhahaha

  19. 19 PsycheD

    myyy myyy….so does fudge about u being imanized? 😛

    happy burdhday dude…sorry its late – but khair hai.

    ok – so what are the chances of a male version of fudge being around?? i cud use with one 😦 (i think)

  20. 20 Saadat

    Hemlock: Maybe Abbas is better suited to differentiate between iqbal and aik baal, but for the love of everything holy, that’s Saadat, not Sadaat! The double a’s come first!

  21. 21 skzworldofdreams

    lol! @ ‘for the love of everything holy’. 😀 Hem, you sinner, you!! 😛 😀

  22. uumm… unfunny when u mention her?? hhhmm… cuz you think too much about it dude! seriously

  23. saadat!!! im SO sorry…
    there’s this really hot lebanese place that serves kickass food, and their spellings are either zaatar w zait, or zataar w zait… and their phone no is 800 zaatar (or zataar).
    i invariably end up dialing the wrong no first, to be told “no such no. exists… and then i have to dial the otehr variation.
    my point being, im SO sorry …

    but you know, xille IS bald 😀

  24. Happy birthday!!! 🙂

  25. 25 skzworldofdreams

    He be ghaib again…

  26. thanks suga!

  27. Salam Alaikum Xill:

    I have come here after a long long time, but then I have had to stay away from blogistan for a long long time. Loved the post, and sweet melancholy that underlines it.

    As you go through this loveliest phase of your life, and you must know you are fortunate to experience this, remember to savor every moment, every detail.

    May Allah bring the ‘yet’ soon. Ameen.

  28. I agreed with you

  29. 29 Mystic

    i’m uhmmm speechless!! man u really really did have it bad!

  30. yaar tum to hath dho ker peechay par gaye ho… I didn’t even remember this post.

  31. 31 Mystic

    lol! i cant help it! its deep meaningful stuff man tht just pulls me towards it..but i kno its old scars and sorry about digging them up again for u..aisa koi irada nahin hai mera 😦 other than maybe thori take karne ka :p

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