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not every thing that should happen should happen. so yes, i, who have long since bemoaned the incomprehensible loyalty of the masses to one of the most corrupt, cruel and often criminal leaders in pakistani history – and we’ve had several, mind you – am now reduced to feeling an overwhelming sense of loss, even grief, at […]

roget ki aulad


contrary to popular belief, there are only two subsets of the human race. people and irritating people. and try as they will to convince you otherwise, wannabes of every shape, size and colour always fall into the latter category. no exceptions, and probably no disagreement. of course desi variants of wannabe wodehouses like myself don’t qualify […]

yes i know the wind won’t blow in an english nanny with an umbrella. it’s not the done thing and hasn’t been heard of since the 1930s and the wind in karachi is among the most fashionable in the world. this post isn’t about the pussycat dolls and busta rhymes and their dontcha wish your girlfriend […]