heil baitullah


think for a little while and you realise why there aren’t any expat germans anywhere in the world in the livestock business. i mean, what would they put down as “profession” in their visa applications if they took care of sheep?


when quiz shows like who wants to be a millionaire will go bust and bust shows by millionaires will be quizzed about – in fact i bet ms. parton’s assets have already been the subject matter of some edition of the damn show – and no, i don’t know or care what the answer is – our quest for finding the ultimate genius shall spawn a new type of tv show. it will be a spelling bee – in german.

germany is probably the only country in the world where clearing your throat can be poetry. or where pushto could be described as a musical language. they say einstein had speech difficulties as a kid and trust me, its not hard to see why. they communicate in grunts and snorts of varying lengths and speed and when they tell you their names you’re convinced they’re swearing at you. its no wonder then that their greatest musical exponent was a guy who was deaf.

and if you think i’m racist, gurke essen gehen.

in my part of the world, preservation of silver resources was the top national priority for the most part of the past three centuries. at least that’s the reason i give when people question me about the table manners of desis or lack thereof. and this is where i turn the conversation to matters relating to resource conservation and global warming and why guatemala is singularly responsible for sponsoring all pickpockets in switzerland. but while this does normally confuse the person i’m talking to it doesn’t take away from the fact that i have no qualms about using the steak knife to apply butter or the ice cream spoon to drink my soup. and thats why i normally avoid dining out with european clients – that and the fact that they tend to opt for the crappiest joints on earth for lunch.

but sometimes you have to.

and so it happened that i sat down over manakeesh and zaatar with a german guy who was trying to eat the damn stuff with a fork. as if the world didn’t have enough problems already. on the plus side, the guy wasn’t chinese and didn’t ask for chopsticks. do you remember the annoying little brat back in seventh grade who really bugged you because he was such a dumbass but somehow managed to say the right thing whenever the teacher asked him a question? well he took lessons from this dude on dumbassery. so here we are, discussing the militancy in pakistan and after hearing a load of crap about how pakistanis are just naturally violent, i informed him that this thing is not even a pakistani problem.

“see,” i said, “most of these guys aren’t even pakistani. they’re mainly afghans and uzbeks.”

he mulled over this for a couple of minutes and then came up with the most irritatingly appropriate comeback in what was either totally deadpan or genuine seriousness.

ja. like hitler. he austrian.”


tip of the century: hire a german to make your car but never ever let him drive it, schumacher notwithstanding.


44 Responses to “heil baitullah”

  1. 1 skzworldofdreams

    Yaar!!! Ek to auditors get to eat out a lot!! 😦 I rememebr my sis’s days there…always out to lunch with some client or another. 😦 While I was at home. 😦 Awesome sis, though, got me s’thing once in a while. πŸ™‚
    lol! Nice one. πŸ™‚ Dumbassery was kewl! πŸ˜€
    Hitler was austrian?! O_O πŸ˜€ *innocent face* πŸ˜›

  2. 2 PsycheD

    ahaahahahahahahahahaha! i was thinking of stopping at the german shepherd bit…but with u and ur flambouyant posts….i just cudnt resist finding out wht the german thingi was all about.
    the last line is aaalaaaa!

    so where u at nowadays btw? still as busy as u were the last time u ditched me and my mag?

  3. ja. but you see, hitler loved germany. i salute him for what he did for his country. or the occupied country.
    anyways. so umm. the uzbeks and the afghans love pakistan too. that;s why they are ripping it into little little bits.

  4. 4 UTP

    the pushto musical hehhe…loshay loshay wayee wayee….

  5. 5 SG

    Who said Pashto aint a musical language, han ?

  6. most people who don’t speak it πŸ™‚

    and yes, i am racist.

  7. 7 SG

    most? depend how you define most! hint: tht was a koko response :P.

    Despite the fact, I aint part of the “most ppl” but I object. I think, its one of the beautiful and friendly languages ever! and how on earth can it not be musical?

    and dont worry abt being racist. Trust me, you aint the only one !

  8. O mere Bhai, what is it that the rest of Pakistan has got against Pathans? You make us feel like outcasts, your leaders run election campaigns boasting of a Parha LIkha Punjab as if the rest of the country doesn’t exist, American planes bomb innocent children studying Quran Sharif in a madrassah and the elite junta living in posh areas and discussing the grim situation of Pakistan in their drawing rooms with their gora friends turn a complete blind eye to all of this believing “Dilli duur ast” and the it hits right near home and they get up and start abusing the pathans that have no food, no education, no developmental work going on for them (althougha lot of foreign money that the government walas put into making a parha likha punjab) are blamed ’cause the talibans, afghans, uzbeks are feeding them, clothing them and to provide these basic necessities to their wailing kids they even agree to don up suicide jackets and you tell me where is the pun in all of this??? Baitullah and opportunists like him exist in all places, times. As for Afghans, can you really see the difference between pathans and afghans ’cause I amy not be so historically well-informed but I always believed they were the same people divided by a boundary that NO pathan wanted.

    Pakistani’s have no table manners??? I may not have lived abroad, gone abroad, visited abroad or met very many people from abroad but seen plenty of angrezi movies and met plenty of angrez to be thoroughly disgusted by their chomping. We are very well mannered when it comes to picking gravy with roti. Try asking them to do the same. Yeah but if you want everyone to know about steak knives and bread knives and etc. you are pushing it too much.

  9. and pushto IS a very musical language. Loye shay loye shay … yeah how about aaja tu bai jaa cycle tai or tay tut gaee tarak kar k … or maybe … preeto mere naal nikkah kar le. Excellt choice of lyrics, melody and vocals. Buhat he aaalaaa .

  10. um.. for the record, i’m not punjabi. not by miles. you’re firing the wrong cannon there.

    secondly, i oppose the mindless slaughter of anyone for any reason in any place at any time. i oppose the imbalance of power and provincial discrimination. i oppose what is known in some circles as the “greater punjab mandate”. i oppose fiscal policies which make the rich richer and the poor poorer. i also oppose american imperialism and am not a huge fan of the zionist mandate. having said that, if i were a superpower with the capability to bomb to smithreens anyone who i felt was a threat to me i’d probably do so – maybe even if he took refuge in a kindergarten. you can lambast the government left, right and centre for the deaths of innocent children as collateral damage – but don’t forget that those kids were already pawns in someone else’s game; the people using them as cover.

    and i feel your rage too. i represent a minority within a minority and am subjected to more biases than i believe you can imagine.

    but all that is besides the point. i don’t think i, or any of my readers, at any time implied that they have anything against the pukhtoon race – political differences maybe, but not on essentially racial grounds. that we make fun of pukhtoons is an accident of the xenophobic nature of humanity. the same applies to sardarjis, irishmen and chinese in different cultural contexts. if it is racism, its a very mild form of it. i didn’t really mean to offend anyone in this post, i just poke fun at pathans as a matter of course. i do the same for punjabis, sindhis, memons, makranis, dehliwalahs, biharis, bengalis, malabaris and even my own community members. this is essentially a humour blog and yes, my brand of fun can be rude but it is what it is, fun. so, to cut the long story short, no offence meant but if it was taken, then i apologise.

  11. and i still refuse to acknowledge that pushto may be even remotely musical.

  12. 12 SG

    Beautiful stranger, Aww ! emotional maa keega mari πŸ™‚ I do agree w/ mst of the things tht u mentioned. Jst one thing…I think Afghans & Pukhtoons are different. If u look @ the big picture then yea, okay..they speak Pashto (not all Afghans thou) & might have some similarities in their cultures. But as far as my personal experiences – I’ve some Afghani friends & I do knw many Afghanis and all – not tht they’re bad or anything…they’re jst different. I mean, I find their culture v. different than mine but then thts jst me! πŸ™‚

    Abbas, I dno abt anyone esle. But speaking of myself, I aint offended at all. I’m an opinionated person so I dnt mind anyone’s opinions/views in fact, I respect them & expect the same. What we’re doin’ rightnw is more of a discourse if you’ll or as they say in Urdu baal ki kaal nikalni wali baat, lol.

    Its funny how you stated, “am subjected to more biases than i believe you can imagine.” Everyone is. everyone on this planet subjected to biases in every possible way. I guess, its an human nature – when we’re happy, we think we’re the happiest creatures on this planet & vice versa. And I do realize tht u or any of ur readers dnt have anything against Pukhtun race n yet, u mention Pukhtuns in most of ur blogs n certainly..not in a v. good way and sometimes I wnder , why? πŸ™‚

    Let’s b racist for a while,nahi? According to “most ppl” – they might be some wild & irrational creatures happen to belong from Northern Pakistan aka “pukhtoonily pathans.” They cant speak proper Urdu or w/out accent. They dnt even knw the difference b/w kerta hai/kerti hai. Their language Pashto? ugh! not a musical language in fact, sounds like a dry fruit language i.e nishta pishta. They might not be as educated as most ppl are in Pakistan. And if they’re educated by any chance…then they’re either in Army or Drs – khuwar log! and oh my! they’ve rules. Their famous rule is: if larka is kunwara n he’s having issues/problems or any disorder for tht matter…bus aik shadi aur saaray maslay dour – aint tht easy? Beside eating naswaar, they wrk in Sunday bazaars mostly selling kaprays & subzis. What else? dang it, hw can I forget? they make good taxi drivers. Hmmm…oh! some might consider Pathan guys gays. Ask me why? Well! they’re deeply attached to their guys friends and to some NWFP = no women for Pathans. They aint good politicians – unki waja say hee Pakistan “badnaam” o raha hai. They might b good sportsmen but too bad. They’re good looking only if they’re lucky but tht aint anything special. Thy’re easily fooled – u make fun of Khan Sahab..and he’ll laugh w/ you. Aur kuch? do u wana add smething to it? πŸ™‚

    With all tht said, I wud rest my case by saying tht I’m Pukhtana & a proud Pukhtana ! πŸ˜€ n Pashto is one of the sweetest, beautiful, and friendly languages. Too bad if you cant speak such musical language πŸ˜€ – hve fun !:)

  13. thank god you are not punjabi. by miles.

  14. 14 skzworldofdreams

    O_O Woah! That was a loooonnnnnnnnnnggggg comment on a comment. Zaaya kiya nah! You could have used it the next time hem says “Update” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›
    Aylo? i represent a minority within a minority and am subjected to more biases than i believe you can imagine????????? Meaning.. Hain? how? Or is that too personal. If it is, sorry!! :/

  15. thats all perfectly true πŸ™‚ but you took the fun out of it. ok i’m never going to diss pathans again. never in this hour, i mean. πŸ˜€

    hemlock, for once i agree with you.

    bibi, its not personal but im still not telling πŸ˜›

  16. 16 skzworldofdreams

    Okey. πŸ™‚

  17. 17 SG

    I took the fun outa it? lol srry but I was havin’ fun w/ tht! Dnt tell me tht all this time u were thinking… tht u were actually dissing Pukhtuns? like seriously? On a side note, I’d a very long& tirin’ day at wrk today; I’m exhasuted, cranky, n a bit sad – but thnks to you for a good laugh! πŸ™‚ lol

    Sometimes we enjoy talking abt ppl who thinks Pukhtuns r all abt the things tht I mentioned in my previous comment. Mujay lagta tha kay sirf Americans hee ignorant othay hain but thnks for the additional information :D!

    knw wat! I really think, u shud really go out and make some Pukhtun friends or meet sme new pukhtuns other thn poor taxi drivers, hotel walay, typical khan sahabs, etc. I mean come on! wo kiya kehtay hain …wats tht damn word…cant remember? khair, apnay takar kay logo say b kabhi kabhi milna chahiyea, nahi? I betcha u’vent met a Pukhtun who dnt hve an accent – who can probably speak more purer & clearer Urdu thn u? who might be good looking, well mannered, and well educated ALL at the same time? u c! something’s wrong w/ the picture tht u were tryin’ to show (even as a humor or fun). I do mean it but jst for the record since its a humour blog – I’m jk, hehe! πŸ™‚

    for future reference – if u ever decided to diss Pukhtuns and need help – dnt hesitate ! πŸ˜€

    and yes, my brand of comment/opinion/fun (watever u might call it) can be a bit rude too but it is what it is.

    P.S. I aint pickin’ on you or no wait ! may be I’m ..just like u were picking on Pukhtuns. But no hard feelings & nothing against – I thought I’d to share jst like you did ! hve fun!:)

  18. i do πŸ™‚

    and we sit together and make fun of every body. πŸ˜€

  19. 19 SG

    really? great ! main b yahi kaam kerti hoon bus kaam kernay ka tareeka tora different hai. Btw, if u dnt mind me asking – app kitna kama laitay hain? πŸ˜€

  20. if thr was anything rascist in this entire blog it was SGz post that reminded us all why pathaans are misrepresented in the first place.

    [[[[[[refer ro : —- Let’s b racist for a while,nahi? According to β€œmost ppl” – they might be some wild & irrational creatures happen to belong from Northern Pakistan aka β€œpukhtoonily pathans.” and so on blah blah…—-]]]]]]]]]]]]

    before i speak further i wud like to clarify that im a sindhi married to a pathaan… a BHUTTO married to a DURRANI. U dont get to see a lot of tht around trust me. Hence, i for one, know about racism.

    U know what every Pakistanis problem is? (Yes, i mean besides Adnan Siddiqui’s MAJOR role in an angelina jolie movie)

    We are trained to learn to hate anyone who has a race differnt than ours. Americans treat racism as a form of healthy rivalry.. so do indians… but we? We are programmed to feel pompous and crave dissing ‘the other side(s)’.

    I dont know how but that PROGRAMMING needs to be changed! We r in the damn 21st century for goodness sake! We r sindhis married to pathaans and memons married to punnjabis… christians marrying muslims… and what not! Look around you! WHo gave ANYONE the right to disrespect someone else for what God made him?

    The world is talking flying cars and we r busy thinking how to insult a people that belong to pakistan just as we do.

    And im NOT siding anyone here! we r all racists we PAkistani ppl! We love being judgmental! Because in every household thats how we r brought up!

    If a pathaan cabbie speaks urdu in weird sylables than so does a sindhi! Or baloch guy… or punjabi and so wud a FRENCH cabbie or a redneck!!!!!!! Dont u get it??? what has tht got to do with anything! *including world peace*

    This just disses me off.

  21. P.S. Hitler was Austrian?? Is that true or are germans just dense? πŸ˜›

  22. As fer the table manners thingie.. i agree.

    There shud be some sort of classes for it… i mean.. just in case Prince William accepts my dining request this summer. πŸ˜› And yes i wud take u! Was thr ever any doubt! πŸ˜€

  23. tu ki jaanye pholye majjay…
    anarkali diyan shaan’an

  24. 24 SG

    Cyma, I find a irony to how u find my comment (tht was meant to b tankeed barahay islaa not tankeed barahay tankeed) racist..but dnt get the actual msg of it, lol. n indeed, I reminded everyone why Pukhtuns r misrepresented jst so everyone knw tht we knw what ppl think abt us n tht it aint the right picture n tht yes, they’re being racist even if its jst for sake of it.

    Before I speak further I would also like to clarify/mention that I’m Pakistani Pukhtana who’s not from Peshawer but a native Karachi wali. Yes – I’m a city girl from mountains, a desert girl from small town. plus, who doesnt knw abt racism, han? if u claim ur the only one …I wudnt believe you! πŸ™‚

    and you know what I think every Pakistanis problem is? tht we judge anyone & everyone – the entire community/race/what-not based on one individual or few pp n then…top of tht, we think …we’re right! And you jst judged ALL Americans & Indians – they all aint like tht. Excuse me if u’ll but I consider myself an American as well & some of my best friends r from India so…I do knw not all of them treat racism as a form of healthy rivalry n u c! I aint sayin’ it on a foundation-less base.

    and EXACTLY…u jst proved what I was trying to say but in different words :). Exactly..world is talkin’ abt flying cars and for crying out loud, we’re in damn 21st century, we’ve got many new and distinct social aspects n YES! we’ve absolutely NO right to disrespect anyone for what Allah made him…n yet, ppl still make fun of Pakhtuns n assume tht they’re wat they think they’re, lol. n it certainly needs to be change !

    And I dnt think, all Pakistanis r racist. Not tht Im not…but I wasnt brought up to judge others (its like judging our own parents..kay oh! we’r racist solely coz we were brought up like tht). or its like…how Im soo frustrated w/ soo many things here. I help out one of the Pakistani student organizations w/ their events/fashion shows…n for rehearsal..no-one or hardly anyone would show up on time n if event is at 7pm they’ll actually start at 8 or 8:30pm so..one day..it was jst too much…I asked…why? I mean, why the heck? n I got a response…”oh! we’re brown. we’re Pakistani – hum kohi kaam waqt per kertay hain?” n I was like…really? all this time…I was thinking..Im brown and a Pakistani too. But of course, I was an exception to them. lol I was disgusted so when we were having the final rehearsals…I made it clear to everyone tht they need to b on time or else they shudnt bother or msg me n leme knw ahead of time coz it aint fair w/ those wo’r on time n who expect things to start on time but they cant do anything jst coz not everyone is there. Some think tht they’re Pakistani n they can get away w/ such things. ridiculous!

    Im Pukhtana n I dnt speak Urdu in weired syllables n thts y…it has got something to do w/ it! and dnt let this disses u off coz we’re jst speaking wat we feel abt certain things/issues…n why we feel like tht so its more of a healthy discourse. plus, if we wnt talk abt it…if we wnt discuss the issues then how the heck…we’re going to solve anyway?

    jst on the side note, as I said before…n I’ll say again – no hard feelings. I (wasnt/am) not tryin’ to put anyone down. Im a outspoken person n jst sharing wat I felt..I aint one of those who wudnt say a word n b nice to you but after 10 years who’d b like…ohh yaad karo! 10 saal pehlay tum nay yea kiya tha ya kaha tha! its jst not me.
    Cheers! – Sundara !

    P.S. I hear tht right? …Adnan Siddiqui’s in Angelina Jolie movie? I dnt like AJ but Adnan Siddiqui :)..its been a while..hvent seen his plays..so heck yes! Im excited πŸ˜€ !

  25. 25 skzworldofdreams

    Update already. :/

  26. *to SG^

    Nah babe i dint ‘MIS GET’ ure comment πŸ˜› i was just kidding bout tht one.

    Yeah.. “we are brown” πŸ˜› its such a messy situation when my hubby aint nowhere near “brown” and im getting all those… ‘haa-i is GORE larke ne becharee badsurat se shaadi kyun ki hai’ type looks being thrown my way ALL THE TIME πŸ˜› hehe. NOw its almost funny cuz my in laws seem to think i resemble Aishwarya Rai. πŸ˜› franly i dont know who to believe *wink wink*

    Anywho… thts for another post well Abby will allegedly perform for a giesha concert *or whtever they call it* and question the chinese nation for being obsessed with fair complexions. I mean, hez done germany, CHina shud be next.

    I really wanna know if hitler was austrian though!!!

    ANd yeah… SG… u dint know Adnan Siddiqui aka mr big mouth was obsessing over his movie part in the next ANGELINA JOLIE for so long on national televison tht id begun to believe Brad Pitt must be jealous.

    ANd then this movie came out, I think its called MIGHTY HEART and the subject is Daniel Pearl’s kidnap-assasination. And apart from the fact that the movie in itself is a docu-drama at best, the cheesiest part is Adnan Siddiqui’s role in it.

    He has less than 2 dialogues in the entire movie! And even those he has performed awful!

  27. omigosh, didn’t know my comment left all THIS here. Firstly, Abbas saheb, big fan of your’s. Very funny stuff you write. Secondly, yeah ever since I got married 6 years back I been living in Punjab and interacting with them, working with them and only now do I realize why pathans hate punjabis so much. It’s mutual. I mean the rest of the country makes fun of us ’cause we become chowkidars in big kothis in Clifton, drive cabs in Sharjah, spit naswar everywhere (by the way, no one EATS naswar) and then in reciprocation pukhtana bhai log call them loads of choiciest words out of pushtu vocabulary and have their own jokes about ’em. Every day at work I have to hear pathan jokes and actually they are quiet funny and I usually end up telling them to those who missed out on ’em but just a couple of days before I stumbled on your post I made some small, harmless jokes about punjabis and you should have seen the tempers flare. Gosh, I was so shocked. I mean if they expect me to take their jokes then they should be ready for the same, nah??

    Anyways, SG hahahahaha … ta kho zama pa gunnah uneewalay shway. lol Cyma, I know what you mean about people shooting your hubbie sympathetic glances ’cause he is gora and the ultimate betrayal of fate happened to him in the form of a sanwli biwi. hahahaha.

    Abbas saheb, once again, continue all your bashings yara be it pathan, punjabi etc etc. It’s your blog after all. I post loads of pathan jokes myself. πŸ˜€

  28. @Abbas: er… you say you don’t approve of killings for whatever cause and then you go on to say if the kids in the madrassah were killed it was justified cause they were pawns in someone else’s game …. contradiction! contradiction!

  29. bhutto, aas paas dekh ker phainko. you look about as much like ash as chaudhry shujaat looks like colin farell. and chaudhry shujaat does not look like colin farell. πŸ˜› and, for the record, i have nothing against the chinese….. except for the fact that they’re chinese.

    @ haseen ajnabi: i will comment on your comment after i have consulted my party leadership. but i can assure you, we will never abandon the kashmiris, the judiciary and the national exchequer.

    damn, i should be the prime ministerial candidate.

  30. hey fred, i might be driving down to abu dhabi tomorrow. or evening. depending on if my invite to the emirates palace hotel is still standing. if it isnt, ill come in the morning for my nimko. what say you?

  31. @ Beautiful Stranger:

    Marra this is all good!

    Abby u better watch out for ure next chinese post.. kaheen chinese log yahan tumhare blog pe MUTTAHID na hojaye πŸ˜› tht wud be the day.

  32. 32 skzworldofdreams

    *Yawn* Tick tock, tick tock. πŸ˜€ *Yes, I can be annoying…once in a blue moon. πŸ˜€ And no men should not agree to that when a lady is saying it…and yes, I AM a lady. πŸ˜€ Muahahahahahaha! Oh wait….’ladylike Muahahahahaha’* πŸ˜›

  33. 33 SG

    Cyma, haha @ SA PAKE MAAT NA KE JI-NAI. So tht movie is already out? hmm, I gotta check it out sometime and I too was thinking tht may b..he got the “main” role w/ AJ – probably thts y, he was all excited & stuff. But less thn 2 diologues? lol…I dnt think, I wud wana wrk w/ Brad Pitt if my diologues r less thn two – it jst sad u knw! n LOL @ Beautiful Stranger’s “ultimate betrayal of fate” – fancy words but r u serious? u get tht? its hilarious. I mean, I dnt fit the criteria of stereotypical Pukhtuns looks i.e “white/colorful eyes, etc” lol but what they dnt understand tht I love my tan, dark eyes, and dark hair ! if they got issues….then hey! too bad they shud go n get some tissues. No wnder ppl dnt believe me wen I tell tht Im pukhtana n sometimes, I’ve to prove them by speaking Pashto (as if they knw what the heck Im saying, lol). Wo to khair door ki baat hai but some Pakistanis wudnt even believe tht Im a Pakistani – according to them…I dnt ‘dress like’ Pakistanis, or I dnt talk or walk like them (watever tht means) – tht leave me wnder…how Pakistani girls talk, walk, or ‘dress like’ :s ?

    Beautiful Stranger, haha…Na maari! daasi khabara nishta! Ista gunah wali hoo…afterall zou ma pukhtana heema! n u serious abt pathan hates punjabis & vice versa?lol where Ive been ALL this time? lotsa surprises, eh! I mean, I knew abt Pathans VS Punjabis but I always thought..they somehow managed to like each other :s. In fct, I was almost married to a Punjabi lol. yea! if someone is from Lahore or Karachi…then it kinda make sense ‘coz its usually Karachi walay VS Lahore walay thing but oh-kay! Interesting.

  34. Here I thought, you had gotten really, and mean REALLY popular to have so many commenst. Then I started reading them and realized it was 6-7 commenters having a field day πŸ˜›

    Changed blogs…don’t ask why. Now that Ive started to get the hang of css, I miss my own domain. Sigh. Cruel timing of the world.

  35. lol.

  36. 36 skzworldofdreams

    Buddy boy..you’re kinda becoming annoying. ;/

  37. You are invited to a blogiversary.

  38. 38 skzworldofdreams

    Saadat…right now it would be nice to invite him to ‘welcome-back-to-this-world-ersary’ πŸ˜€ :/

  39. I cannot comment:(
    Im a racist by heart by mind nd my soul….
    but y cannot I comment:(

  40. 40 umarah

    well after living here for the last 4 years i have yet to meet a german with good table manners.but again o havent met a german who said something racist about my nationality.the guy you were with is indeed a dumbass.

  41. 41 sabizak

    ts no wonder then that their greatest musical exponent was a guy who was deaf.


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