oh captain, my captain


they say that when rome burned, nero played his fiddle or lyre or whatever they played in those days, singing a lost epic called the sack of ilium. now there’s a lot that can be said about nero but the most damning thing of all is that he was upstaged by every single member of a nation of 160 million largely illiterate, mostly powerless and totally irrational idiots on the eighteenth of august, 2008. and of course, by geo tv.

i don’t think many pakistanis have heard of the sack of ilium, or even lyres, fiddles or nero for that matter, but they’re reasonably well versed in bhangra and those who don’t know how can certainly be convinced to move about in a frenetic display of exultation and excitement by a bunch of aging hypocrites who pose as the saviours of democracy on one hand and by the electronic media (which probably hasn’t yet assessed how much it’s going to miss the general now that the arrogant miss rehman can flex her political biceps) on the other. if nothing else, they might as well have shown some courtesy, some dignity, to the only leader since a drunkard called yahya khan who vacated the seat of his own accord. and i’m not even sure we can say that of yahya. there’s a lot i would like to say but who’s listening?

i’m no biographer, no economist, no constitutional expert, no political analyst. i’m a layman. i won’t go into long flowery descriptions of great leaders and courageous men. or detailed explanations of increased outputs and per capita incomes. or of amended monstrosities like the hudood ordinance or of peace initiatives with india. i won’t because i can’t. what i would really like to do is salute the man and shake his hand and apologise on behalf of a nation that’s so high on its own perceived sense of “we-could-have-done-better”-ness that its more or less forced what was a straight line to curve in and become a full circle. because thats what we did. or at least, let happen.

so goodbye mr. president, let’s hope history is written by better people than those you tried to serve.

wind your clocks back ladies and gentlemen; welcome back to october 11, 1999.


12 Responses to “oh captain, my captain”

  1. Musharaff mite not have been the best leader on the face of the earth but he certainly was better then those baboons now governing Islamabad! Bye Bye Mushi jigar!

  2. hear! hear!

  3. we really dont deserve democracy, and to actually believe that the goons aka nawaz and zardari can stand for and represent democracy is a nauseating thought.

  4. 4 cymarizwankhan

    as naseating a thought it is to have those ‘goons’ back, it wud have been far more nauseating if mush had gone on doing whtever and whenevr he pleased.

    I’m no one to talk, but I do rem this certain ’emergency’ situation in mr general’s rule which somehow I simply cannot forget. as for the good he did? well yes, he surely did and we will rem him just as well as we rem the british raj for making our police act and train service :p

    but he was flipping out u know. The country was always in a state of ’emergency’! anyone can see that was a dictator mood! so yeah, as much as I’m gonna bitch about the ‘coalition’, musharraf was no sweetheart either.

    kill em all I say. let Xill be the president. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. democracy sucks anyways, but i think mushi wasnt all that bad!
    The only nero ive heard of is that dvd burner software…
    u think ahmedinejad might argue that musharraf never existed???? haha

  6. 6 skzworldofdreams

    ‘what i would really like to do is salute the man and shake his hand and apologise on behalf of a nation thatโ€™s so high on its own perceived sense of โ€œwe-could-have-done-betterโ€-ness that its more or less forced what was a straight line to curve in and become a full circle.’ EXACTLY! I still remember when Musharraf took over. I gave this huge sigh of relief, thinking “Ab Pakistan bach jayega”. Seriously..the one good thing that happens to Pak after a loonnnggg time..after decades..and what do we do? Throw him out. Pakistan just signed a suicide note. Welcome back to 1999 indeed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. 7 cymarizwankhan

    as much as a bitch about the coalition govt these days, sadly my views r also incompatible with the mushi-leave-me-sad melodrama goin on here… :p so I think ill shut up. never enjoyed the odd-wun-out situation.

    ill come back when xil has better things to discuss :p like – antimatter?! hmmm, I think ill write on my blog for now

  8. 8 UTP


    its till 22nd August 08 ….only that a lot has been done and I dont know how much longer we can survive…there is a Higher Hand keeping us alive and independent…lets hope That stays…

  9. I have got something for you here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Very strange. Charhte sooraj ko salam karna toh suna tha. Ye kia naya syndrome hai?

    Doobtey sooraj ko salam?

  11. 11 knicq


    Mumlikat-e-Pakistan main har charHta sooraj doobtey sooraj se badtar nikalta hai.. Pakistani awaam ka salam lesser evil ko raha hai.

    Zardari – President of Pakistan; if someone had told Benazir this was in store, she might have spared her assassins all the trouble. She might just have jumped off Burj Dubai with Zardari tied to her palloo.

  12. @ shine87: you got that right.

    @ hemlock: finally, we agree.

    @ tanzilla: having (or not having) a democracy is the least of our worries.

    @ utp: like the man said, “pakistan ka Allah hee hafiz hai”

    @ saadat: thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ minerva: well, you can hardly expect me to salute zardari…

    @ knicq: the problem there was that her horrendous dress sense didn’t really leave room for a palloo. otherwise she would’ve jumped. most definitely.

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