“yeh baby hai ya baba hai?”


sometimes you hear things that remind you so achingly of home that its unbelievable. most of the time these things are ridiculous. but that’s understandable when you’re from pakiland. every pakistani, no matter how attuned or acclimatized or whatever the word is to wherever he might be, has an element of pakistaniat, as i beleve the blogworld term for it is, in him which lights up suddenly like a firefly in the night. and yes that sentence didn’t make any sense whatsoever. these things might be innocent questions like the title of this post, the racist/gora-complexed way one tends to say bengawlee when being appreciative and bungaalee when being derogatory about the same kind of person, smiling when you overhear two guys discussing ways to kill zardari in a washroom in dubai or raising two index fingers above the shoulders and doing a two second bhangra to celebrate a strike at a bowling alley.

even ringtones going off during friday prayers in mosques playing the soundtrack from this awesome ad for a hideous product will do it.

and you smilingly realise that home isn’t really that far away. we carry it around all the time.

(ps: i didn’t remember forgotten tv star, rustam, being in the ad. is it really him or am i mixing him up with someone else?)


17 Responses to ““yeh baby hai ya baba hai?””

  1. Im sure paki chicks remind you of Pakistan too! 😉

  2. dude, there are other things in life besides women!

  3. im lost here… 😛

  4. pak chics are cute!! I love them!!

  5. Man, I love that ad!

    And no, I don’t think Rustam was in the ad. (I can’t see the whole video here; internet connection is being tortoise-ish, but I don’t remember Rustam starring in it. I might be wrong.)

  6. Eid Mubarak, jahan panah!

  7. 8 yesterdaywazbetter

    Eid Mubarak 😀 hope u had a blast….
    n i wish i was in pakistan on dis eid 😦

    aaah i cant listen to da video but will when i get home

  8. Khair mubarak!

  9. umm…it was a well written nostalgic post which was spoilt by some womanly comment…


  10. A bit of Pakistaniat is expected – and is quite fun at that

  11. Wow! This ad is still alive? 😛 I used to watch it in Dubai everytime it aired on PTV and used to get all nostalgic for Pak. Silly I guess. I still remember thinking “Sob! my mulk.” And then transition into the “Woah! Gorgeous place…our history! I’m going to go there someday..visit this place.” Umm…so I guess I will someday. 😛 In my own pathetic way I think this is a beautiful post. 🙂

    O_O Farooq: Where the heck did women come into all of this? :/ Abbas is talking of homeland and you talk about women? :/ Seriously… ;/

  12. @SK

    Khatoon, kehnay main kia hai?! koee tax thoree na lagta!
    i was just appreciating… 😛

  13. @SK

    Khatoon, kehnay main kia hai?! koee tax thoree na lagta!
    and i was just appreciating… 😛

  14. 15 silentmantra

    dunno why after reading this…i just have to direct as many readers to this site – http://www.maximal.com.pk/ perhaps am trying to make a connection to the sub standard quality of media stuff coming out aj kal…

    ignore the paki models…focus on the ed’s note. i wish u cud access the rest of the contents – but am sure the ed’s note will be enough to traumatize u like it did to everyone who read it. wud so appreciate feedback.

  15. got to banish the well guided youth of pakistan following west, back to their basics, to their own culture and their own traditions… the video was quite refreshing… we ARE one of the most resilient talented nations, we need better directions… 🙂

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