telling lies? no baba


i apologise. i have disrespected the pakilandish engish teaching system loud and long, with a special focus on the parha likha punjab. this was totally uncalled for and i now acknowledge that inzimam ul haq sounds like an oxford don when compared with some of his fellow punjabis from across the border. respect, also, to the superb marketing system of the indian media which would have you believe that most indians don’t understand any of the thousand languages spoken in their motherland and are more comfortable with internationalism than haifa wehbe is with skimpy western dresses.

this despite the fact that i encounter a hundred guys a day from the same state as sreesanth who would say that azharuddin “fix udd” matches (as opposed to fixed).

you must be wondering why i changed my mind. after all, we (and i use that as a translation of the urdu shahi “hum”), who rule the world are not known to vacillate when we have made up our minds. it takes more than a mispronouncing mallu to change our mind.  and so, your honour, i present exhibit ‘a’, a video taken of a village class in haryana, punjab, india, potential world war 3 flashpoint, earth, united milky way of america.

of course, i’m not dissing the underprivileged. its harmless fun so spare me the you’re a snob, racist elitist, meanie comments please. i’m a desi too. just not that desi.


13 Responses to “telling lies? no baba”

  1. lol funny as hell!

  2. 2 cymarizwankhan

    *and then, some throat clearing*


    Order in the court!

    In view of exhibit ‘a’ the Judge hereby hands out the verdict in favour of the plaintiff Mr.Xill and demands a ban on slaughter of all nursery rhymes in any indian state whatsoever, and Haryaana’s insanity plea notwithstanding, also orders for a nation-wide ban on accusing inzimam ul haq of having language issues.

    *pen tip breaks*

    All rise!

  3. I love the ‘ha-ha-ha’.

  4. You are right..

    I was about to die of the angraizi complex.

    Needed this to cheer us up and put things back into perspective again.

  5. Haha! What a brilliant start of my day!

  6. lol hilarious
    btw haifa wahbi is super hot, when it comes to arab women though nobody beats my childhood crushes samira said and diana haddaad, although im sure theyre pretty old now 😦

  7. The video is no longer available, but I think I have a pretty good idea what I am missing.

    As for the fix-udd part, I still can’t get over being told that yellow is pronounced “elll-o” and yes is pronounced “Ess” – but, malayalam is spelled yem-yay-yell-yay-why-yay-yell-yay-yumm!

    Oh, and farooqk – Diana Haddad rocks dude – haifa wahbi ain’t no match for nancy ajram – the coke babe.

  8. @Knicq

    lol how could i forget the great nancy agram!

    Malloos read ‘z’ as yeezed, ‘h’ is yee-ichh, crazy folks them

  9. 9 silentmantra

    ohh gawwdd..all this mallu talk just reminded me of my high schl physics teacher….cudnt understand half the stuff she was blaberring – including the damn ‘haiich’ for ‘h’ and other alien sounding letters. but damn! most of them mallus are pretty intelligent! i think its the coconut oil…both on the hair and eaten i the only one who find it so painful and cringe everytime inzi gives his acceptance speech after every match? whether they win or lose….his speech for his dear bouyze is the same.

  10. yes, but he’s a style icon… istyle icon, i mean. 🙂

  11. You know I have been trying to search for some blog like yours which is hilarious but yet damn sarcastic as well… as sometimes one needs to hear bitching too…
    the video was simply so pathetic… you know it should be shown on TV … lol
    m blogrolling u finally…

  12. feel free to.

  13. amazing thx u a lot

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