shirt burger, pant pizza, chaal disco, mona liza


they say that there are few things more ridiculous than an accountant who does not possess a calculator. of course, they (whoever “they” is supposed to imply) overlook the fact that even more ridiculous is the idea of an auditor who does not possess a decent pair of earphones for his laptop. because there is nothing more obviously identifying the public accounting practitioner in an office than the twin cords leaving his ears jacked into the laptop.

however, we are not known for laughing out loud like twenty-something filipinas temping for fifty-something keralite secretaries.

not normally.

then again there is the bane of the workplace called youtube. the site is in many ways like one of those two bit chinese philosophers. they have something ridiculous for everyone in every situation they could possibly find themselves in.

which is why, on occasion, i laugh like a secretary.

and no i don’t have anything against secretaries. its just that they’re so.. secretarial. but without further ado, you must view this video.


11 Responses to “shirt burger, pant pizza, chaal disco, mona liza”

  1. abbas. what the ****!
    i can understand you must be under a lot of stress given the current economic scenario but SERIOUSLY?!

    also, i think a chinese philosopher once said, “just cuz it’s on youtube doesnt mean you have to watch it! (or embed it on your blog)”

  2. @ hemlock: yaar its just so funny 🙂

    @ red soul: yeah i’ve seen it. i was going to do a post on it too 😛

  3. Lady ‘die-na’ ROTFL,

    Oh boy, this is something else. Haha.

  4. 5 Mystic

    I take this post as a dedication to me!! 😛

  5. 6 Mystic

    Bach keh!!!

    I think Booba Booba deserved a mention as well..

  6. dude I am amazed how your rants have gone internaSHIOnal with filipinas and keralites…nice nice…youtube not working for me today somehow…. couldn’t see the video…will come later…

  7. who told him that he can sing, it was criminal

  8. ‘’s just that they’re so.. secretarial.” :/ Now THAT’S the pish tosh attitude I’ve seen so many times amongst auditors. tsk tsk…

  9. 10 skzworldofdreams

    o_O So I just saw the video…first reaction was “What the heck!!” Still in shock…no energy for a second reaction. 😛

  10. 11 Aamina

    too good! 🙂 mein ne kuch nahi khaya, sirf usko pilaya…aur woh bhi JEB KAAT KE!! lol

    only you have the potential and energy to dig for such stuff…earphones or no earphones

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