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as cycles go, few are more vicious than the one the self-pitier finds himself moving in. he pities himself into a state of misery and then the misery leads to fresh self pity which leads to more misery. et cetera et cetera ad nauseum. but thats just masochism. even the self-pitier knows that a shake […]

i don’t correct typos. this is an ego issue. and one of faith. what i mean to say is that checking for errors is the work of a lesser man than the iceman and, frankly, i just don’t believe in automated spellcheckers. plus that’s the only thing that keeps my works of art from being […]

ulm, baden-wurtemberg, germany, may be the kind of backwater you never visited or wanted to, but people with i.p. addresses originating from there have wandered on to this blog so woe betide thee who disrespecteth the place. even though it sounds like something my industrial sized stomach rumbles when the occupation rate dips below normal. […]

the answer to most things in life has been found in literature. how one defines literature, however, is important when analysing the previous statement. if a variety of definitions didn’t exist, half the pseudo-intellectuals¬† in the world who parade around bragging about their post graduate degrees in subjects which never got them more than an […]

it has been said that attempts at creativity, like writing, revive, and occasionally even resurrect, the dying (or dead, depending on how deep your faith is) brain cells that are the collateral damage of the mental exhaustion that goes along with the husool-e-rizq-e-halal policy that is the bane (and also the salvation) of my brothers-in-faith […]