“hum faqat zaib-e-hikayat thay…”


as cycles go, few are more vicious than the one the self-pitier finds himself moving in. he pities himself into a state of misery and then the misery leads to fresh self pity which leads to more misery. et cetera et cetera ad nauseum. but thats just masochism. even the self-pitier knows that a shake of the head and a determined set of the jaw can change the world.

sometimes though, fate really does hate you.

and no, you can’t make me stop feeling the way i do. but there is a thing called tact.


5 Responses to ““hum faqat zaib-e-hikayat thay…””

  1. wtf! i didnt even SAY anything! :/
    but if you will be a crybaby about it, talk vanilla or caramel and i will say yes.
    cheeko or haleem flavoured icecream JUST doesnt cut it xille!

  2. nopes. tum ko thora to compromise kerna parey ga.

  3. hmmm…….

  4. 4 silentmantra

    gud to see a brief entry for a change.
    hope all is well

  5. as well as it can be.

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