i’m your huckleberry…


it is an undisputed reality that val kilmer is cool. he has to be. he played a dude called the iceman before i got famous. but if coolness was an art form, he was pablo freaking picasso when he played doc holliday in tombstone.

that is some one-liner.

if pressed, i’d have to admit losing your job isn’t without its silver linings – though perhaps i can only say that now that Alhamdolillah i’m no longer part of the great unwashed. for one, you have the freedom to carry out nocturnal foot patrols of abu dhabi humming alexander rybak’s fairytale and spend the days pretending you don’t have insomnia by watching lousy chick flicks all alone in the theatre without having to worry about someone watching you buy a ticket for a renee zellweiger movie. also, giving interviews isn’t as boring as some people make out.Β  there’s always a new excuse you can come up with for “wanting to leave your current employment” like getting transferred to sierra leone or inadequate supplies of coffee in the kitchen or limited access to the washroom due to the credit crunch.

other than that, not much.

(of course, there’s no better feeling than having friends stand by offering moral support. so guys, i don’t really know how to thank you but thanks. the prayers, wishes, words of commiseration, muted farewells, emails, swearing sessions, references and everything you did is what really kept me going. i owe you something more than a blogpost.)

but, fate, i’m your huckleberry.

or at least i’m the iceman.


5 Responses to “i’m your huckleberry…”

  1. 1 hemlock

    you can be my huckleberry anytime πŸ˜‰

  2. 2 ajoy

    well you better keep coming for the mandi sessions…and dont become an egyptian!!!although i guess its much better than being a karachiite…(as per my punjabi friend)…

  3. 3 Mystic

    “i owe you something more than a blogpost.”

    better come up with something good some time soon πŸ˜›

  4. @ hemlock: what do you mean “can”? i AM your huckleberry.. πŸ˜›

    @ mystic: tumhara kaam to chapli kabab se chal jaye ga but there was a plan for cantina laredo wasn’t there?

  5. oh and ajoy, said the MALLU?!

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