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you watch animal planet and you see nature at her finest. packs of wolves hunting reindeer in the siberian taiga. graceful gazelles drinking at waterholes in the african savannah. the fish eagle diving for prey by the sea shores. the beautiful arabian horses racing in the saharan desert. and always the arrogant majesty of the […]

I she takes a deep breath and enters the hall, making a beeline for her seat. she slips the cell phone in her purse and looks up for the first time, hoping no one has noticed the flush on her cheeks. two rows down, the three of them huddle together. “think it was him? lucky […]

I he’s been waiting for that specific ringtone to go off for the past seven hours. he assigned it to her number because its his favourite track, an oum kulthum oldie, and it’s the one he always thought of as “their” song. “maha! hi –“ “asim? shit. got your number by mistake. i was calling […]

I he keeps reaching for the salad the waiter kept to his left. it’s the only possible way to look at her without looking like he’s looking at her. the cucumbers and onion rings finish all too soon. it’s hard to eat when the only thing you can sense is the scent of her open […]

the blast on the samjhota express reminded me of the stories i’d heard from my parents, aunts and uncles about the horrors of making it across the border at partition. i knew i had these 55-ers saved somewhere on my flash drive. I they gently pried away the six year old survivor from his mother’s body […]

year zero  he smiles as the twin orbs of beauty focus on his face and light up in recognition. reaching down into the crib, he gently touches her cheek as if to confirm that something so lovely actually exists. his wife watches, contented – even though she realizes she is no longer the only woman […]

I in his stupor, he doesn’t immediately realize that she’s looking directly at him. he blinks once, twice, but she’s still staring in open invitation. emboldened, he rises to cross the road and reach her.  even as the truck crushes his wasted body, she stares into his drugged eyes from her place on the mobilink […]