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she isn’t the first crush you ever had. no, definitely not. at that time and in that place a smile without braces or actually, a smile, period, is enough for you to get a crush on someone. but she’s special. not just because she doesn’t wear braces but because that smile is simply the most gorgeous smile […]

when you’re barely 5’6″ tall, looking at the world from up above becomes slightly technical and apart from this being the reason that i have a deep distrust of the validity of the philosophical observations of one bulleh shah, esq., it is also the reason why i have mastered astral projection and let my spirit soar over the […]

history, as we all know, is a nawaz sharif. as in it repeats itself. i think 50/50 made this video back in the seventies or eighties, probably around the time pakistan went to new zealand on its first succesful overseas tour in ’72-73 – either that or, which is more likely, the tour in ’84-85 […]

imran khan was never my idol – even though i was one of “imran’s tigers” in the shaukat khanum fundraising thing and had an autographed picture to prove it – that slot, as cricket goes, has always been wasim akram’s. there was always something special about someone whom even imran khan called the prince of pakistan. […]

in every fat man there is a thin man screaming to get out. in every colonial desi man there is a gora screaming to get out. in every fat colonial desi man there is a thin gora screaming to get out. which is why i have deep sympathies for the thin goras at barbecue delight […]

as embarassing performances go, this would have taken the cake – not to mention the samosas, chaat and pani puri – had it not been for the fact that my companions managed to make as big if not bigger fools of themselves over the beer. there is also the fact that when paki pride is at stake […]

dang. double dang. i know that i was the last person alive who watched animal planet regularly. so the news of the crocodile hunter’s death being on everyone’s mouths came as a bit of a surprise. maybe they heard of it from all the animals that were celebrating the departure of the one guy who […]