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as a rule i keep my friends and family separate. this is not because i don’t like my family or because i like my friends too much but because if you’re a desi the way you categorise relatives is already very complicated without throwing in the friend card. let me explain. there are different names […]

sometimes you hear things that remind you so achingly of home that its unbelievable. most of the time these things are ridiculous. but that’s understandable when you’re from pakiland. every pakistani, no matter how attuned or acclimatized or whatever the word is to wherever he might be, has an element of pakistaniat, as i beleve the […]

nahin nahin. not naz pan masala. that would be too bloody obvious. and i was never the naz type anyway. shahi deluxe was more my style until i decided to singlehandedly make the guy who owns wrigley’s a multibillionaire. plus why anyone would want to eat something like sonf after coating in it the thing […]

be careful what you wish for. it might just… millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the ice age meant there was a market for gas heaters in sibi and jacobabad; the tectonic plates had not shifted all that much and punjab was still a part of mongolia. the region was socially […]

” kaali kaali bakreean, oon hai kya?” well the translator/lyricist/rip-off-artist puts it as “jee haan, jee haan, teen thaileean.” the more likely riposte from any self respecting black sheep, however, would be, ‘uloo ke pathay, “sheep” ko kehtay hain “dumba”.’ the point being that where there’s a smart aleck who thinks he did a good job translating […]

while the province braces for another spate of drama, emotion, violence, rage, lies, deceit and corruption – no i’m not talking about a new star plus serial; benazir’s going to larkana – deep in the interior of the mysterious 140,000 square kilometres known as sindh, there is, even as you read this, a bunch of […]

when great writers can’t write, they write about not being able to write. that, among other reasons, is why they’re great writers. hillaire belloc, yes he of “cautionary tales” fame, once wrote an essay called on the death of my muse in his collection, on nothing. that the guy was a racist and an absolute bounder is somewhat […]