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history, as we all know, is a nawaz sharif. as in it repeats itself. i think 50/50 made this video back in the seventies or eighties, probably around the time pakistan went to new zealand on its first succesful overseas tour in ’72-73 – either that or, which is more likely, the tour in ’84-85 […]

sumo ballet hah! i know you guys are expecting a treatise (ok, a satirical variant of one) on the total degradation of democracy and paamaalee of the presidency but i, i will not oblige. i’m going to talk about something far more relevant to my context (thats the bored-desi-in-boringer-environs-context) and this is the highly intriguing […]

here is an excerpt from e e cummings’ introduction to his anthology, “new poems”. you’ve got to love the screwy typography and writing style. insanity turns me on. The poems to come are for you and for me and are not for mostpeople-it’s no use trying to pretend that mostpeople and ourselves are alike. Mostpeople […]

hulleye comes by.: taking a dump

i,who hardly ever write on anything political, found this piece rather interesting. nice justification by the author. i could list a million people who would draw entirely different conclusions. comments anyone?

Stephen Cree


An interesting if not altogether effective way to distract oneself, as suggested by several self proclaimed sages, is to read or watch or listen to the crap that comes out of other people’s mouths. Sometimes it can be quite artistic. Ladies and gentlemen, assuming there are such people reading my blog, I give you the […]

This is a really cool article about the economics of splitting a cab fare. How would you do it between three people who took one cab and got off at three different locations (in line with tradition that would be Raiq, Yasir and the Iceman himself)? Game theory or the talmud? Read and you will […]