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sometimes you hear things that remind you so achingly of home that its unbelievable. most of the time these things are ridiculous. but that’s understandable when you’re from pakiland. every pakistani, no matter how attuned or acclimatized or whatever the word is to wherever he might be, has an element of pakistaniat, as i beleve the […]

nahin nahin. not naz pan masala. that would be too bloody obvious. and i was never the naz type anyway. shahi deluxe was more my style until i decided to singlehandedly make the guy who owns wrigley’s a multibillionaire. plus why anyone would want to eat something like sonf after coating in it the thing […]

as embarassing performances go, this would have taken the cake – not to mention the samosas, chaat and pani puri – had it not been for the fact that my companions managed to make as big if not bigger fools of themselves over the beer. there is also the fact that when paki pride is at stake […]

as dj shadow would have said…. at the starting of the week at summit talks you’ll hear them speak it’s only monday negotiations breaking down see those leaders start to frown it’s sword and gun day tomorrow never comes until it’s too late you could be sitting taking lunch the news will hit you like […]

favourite dream


this is the song that’s currently totally on my mind. nice bluesy track with two very good things going for it, one that its a paki song and two that it is so damn heartfelt. it sounds corny the first two or hree times but it really grows on you. she loved a brighter shade […]

gum hoon kahin


there’s actually a copy of the video on youtube, which i haven’t imbedded here because i’m a bit nervous about the copyright infringement and other associated crap – but i am putting down the lyrics of the song which i seem to like more every day. even though i am so not a rock person. […]

puraana gana


yes i used to listen to ballads once upon a distant time. no that does not mean hip hop/dancehall isn’t my genre. i long for the warmth of days gone by when you were mine but now those days are memories in time life’s empty without you by my side my heart belongs to you […]