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since i have more or less completely lost whatever smattering of creative ability i once had, and since you have obviously not lost your desire to read my stuff, i will take the middle road, not the one robert frost (two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled by) and […]

i’m pretty sure we all know the guy who designed the parental control tool for the kaspersky security thingy on your computer. this is the kid who sniggered like an idiot when you read allama iqbal’s shair palatna, jhapatna, palat ker jhapatna lahoo garm rakhnay ka hai eik bahana in a comprehension passage titled warzish […]

nahin nahin. not naz pan masala. that would be too bloody obvious. and i was never the naz type anyway. shahi deluxe was more my style until i decided to singlehandedly make the guy who owns wrigley’s a multibillionaire. plus why anyone would want to eat something like sonf after coating in it the thing […]

when great writers can’t write, they write about not being able to write. that, among other reasons, is why they’re great writers. hillaire belloc, yes he of “cautionary tales” fame, once wrote an essay called on the death of my muse in his collection, on nothing. that the guy was a racist and an absolute bounder is somewhat […]

“society is now one polished horde, formed of two mighty tribes, the bores and bored.” lord byron and so life continues, tedium followed by tedium followed by tedium ad nauseum. sure there is the occasional interlude in the monotony but everything seems to get old very quickly. and so you turn to the little everyday ignorables […]



on a recent post someone quoted from one of my favorite ghazals by faiz in her comment. it reminded me of this thing my urdu teacher used to say about how the sincerest form of appreciation for a poet’s work would be to attempt to produce something in the same zameen or metre. i’m not […]

sometimes even loadshedding can be inspiring. i was watching a bug flitting around the candle on my table tonight as i sipped a cold glass of ice water. on somebody’s insistence, i am trying to reduce my daily cold drink intake. anyways i came up with this short nazm which i wanted to read to […]