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for some unexplained reason – though it’s probably because i’m the personification of eternal youth – no one believes i’m 34 if i tell them. which i’m not. but that’s besides the point.  of course no one really believes i’m 12 either but just so that i look dumb by association rather than dumb because […]

bibi tagged me to fill out this incredibly open-ended list. its the kind of thing i imagine 14 year olds who “wants to be makes fraandships” do on the phone at 2 am in the morning from under theire respective blankets. i wouldn’t know. haven’t been 14 in years. and there were no phones back […]



got tagged by one of the few people who can make sense of my roman urdu, saadat. 🙂  so here goes: three things that scare me: the idea that shaikh rasheed is actually popular enough as a politician to one day become prime minister the fact that shoaib mailk (yes the guy who thew that […]

when i was a kid to be tagged was to become the chaser, not a very useful thing for someone who always preferred the middle distance race to the sprints. but like the huroof-e-illat that break all rules in arabic grammar the implications of being tagged have morphed into something decidedly more tame; what we […]

i don’t normally do this, but i got tagged by a very regular visitor, mona. so here goes. five supposedly wierd facts about me. i chew ice. lots of it. i pile up the cubes till the glass or mug or beaker or whatever is full and then fill in the gaps with sickly sweet […]

ok here goes, cuz. am thinking about… the irony in life that gives me less time to write now that i’m studying and gives more time to write to cousins who have only just started university… i said… that inzamam would never be acquitted of the disrepute charge, madugalle or no madugalle, and i was […]