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she isn’t the first crush you ever had. no, definitely not. at that time and in that place a smile without braces or actually, a smile, period, is enough for you to get a crush on someone. but she’s special. not just because she doesn’t wear braces but because that smile is simply the most gorgeous smile […]

when you’re barely 5’6″ tall, looking at the world from up above becomes slightly technical and apart from this being the reason that i have a deep distrust of the validity of the philosophical observations of one bulleh shah, esq., it is also the reason why i have mastered astral projection and let my spirit soar over the […]

much has been said about shakespeare’s lost plays, love’s labour won and cardenio. it is all lies. apart from the one play called manji kithay dhawaan? that has all but disappeared from common knowledge due to the secret agendas of freemasons, salafis, vegans and clientele of the al jameel men’s spa and salon in new […]

admittedly i have been somewhat lax in our online reminiscences of the life of my royal majesty, leaving you to pine for updates but everything worth having is worth delaying so that the demand supply ratio works in the favour of the supplier. i’m sure warren buffet would approve of my market strategy. when you […]

apart from the few iranians who claim that friday is named after this persian chick named farideh (and i want to place on record that i have nothing against iranians – as long as they’re female), most people agree that the etymology of the word has to do more with venus than any other woman. of […]

got a comment  a few days ago from a kid named khawar on my about page saying, more or less, that i’d be less uncool if i wasn’t an auditor. to add insult to injury he addressed me as abbas bhai. in his defence, i don’t disagree. as a class, auditors are the second most […]

one of the most elementary examples of unbigoted racisms as described in the iceman’s guide to anthropology and other theories you shouldn’t believe is that one has a belief in the superiority of his languages over all others. this despite the fact that as per my understanding the sons of adam continued to speak the […]