Chutkara and Jehanzeb kaun hai?



My leave officially starts from Saturday so I’m away from ICI for at least two weeks. Not that this leave has any ayashi element whatsoever. study leaves in general stink. they stink more when they’re shorter than required. khair. Allah Malik hai.

There is a certain degree of unease about leaving ICI too. I really doubt that the Doodhwala/Panwala combo will be able to handle Humpty on his return. Not that that’s my problem but the way Humpty blows things out of proportion, any proverbial shit hitting the fan will eventually fall on me. Lets see what happens. I hope Humpty’s ranting and grumbling voice doesn’t enter the earshot range of Mr. Boy.

Important birthday coming up. I hope I remember when it’s time to wish her. I know birthdays matter to her. How bloody irritating.

Random wrong number of the day:


Hello Abbas


Tumhari awaz ko kya ho gaya hai? Stop trying to be throaty!

I’m sorry I haven’t recognized you yet.

Abbas! its me! Fazeela!

***totally mystified*** Fazeela who?

@#$!!# I think I picked up JB’s cell by mistake. You’re probably the wrong Abbas

***even more mystified*** JB? Who’s JB?

Jehanzeb. don’t u know him?


well he knows you. sorry anyway.

Interesting. and from an Isloo number too. so who in heck is Jehanzeb? Haven’t got a clue.


One Response to “Chutkara and Jehanzeb kaun hai?”

  1. lol!@pak and their random calls!

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