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so, beta, what are you doing these days? i’m working at ferguson’s. ferguson’s? the audit firm. we’re the pakistan offices of pricewaterhousecoopers. you’ve heard of pwc obviously. ahh of course. ferguson. the tractor company… and that coupled with the doctored dilbert thingy there is the story of my life. woe betide thee oh ye who […]

as if to further reiterate the union council-ness of the library, a cat has actually brought her 5 kittens and officially squatted under the bookshelf labelled ikhlaqiyaat (ethics) – which, somewhat disturbingly, has orizio’s talk of the devil: encounters with seven dictators in it. the regal attitude of the cat, reflected in the absolute confidence […]

anthony uncle


he dresses like your average indo-paki middle calss senior citizen; grey trousers, navy socks, black leather loafers and the obligatory blue cotton half sleeved shirt with the first two buttons undone. he’s got that arrogant swagger of the retired bureaucrat coupled with the disapproving gaze of christopher lee. only he’s a dead ringer for anthony […]

the librarian at the tiny union council library feica and i hit everyday to swot for the exams has the annoying habit of pronouncing the urdu “yeh” as “yah“. kind of like the effect you would get if you crossed arif lohar with martin lawrence. which is why his yeh lo (take this) comes out […]