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you see a hot blonde chick on the street and you know that you’ve seen a hot blonde chick on the street – unless of course you’re in bangkok, in which case you have seen something which you should not have thought of as hot. you see a hot blonde chick’s avatar on the internet […]

since i have more or less completely lost whatever smattering of creative ability i once had, and since you have obviously not lost your desire to read my stuff, i will take the middle road, not the one robert frost (two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled by) and […]

the problem is not so much a dearth of substance as a confusion of style. and no i’m not talking about pakistani fashion. the problem with discussing problems is that you have to start at the beginning – and that is so not my style. nonetheless, one must persevere and strive at all times to […]

history, as we all know, is a nawaz sharif. as in it repeats itself. i think 50/50 made this video back in the seventies or eighties, probably around the time pakistan went to new zealand on its first succesful overseas tour in ’72-73 – either that or, which is more likely, the tour in ’84-85 […]

admittedly i have been somewhat lax in our online reminiscences of the life of my royal majesty, leaving you to pine for updates but everything worth having is worth delaying so that the demand supply ratio works in the favour of the supplier. i’m sure warren buffet would approve of my market strategy. when you […]

as a rule i keep my friends and family separate. this is not because i don’t like my family or because i like my friends too much but because if you’re a desi the way you categorise relatives is already very complicated without throwing in the friend card. let me explain. there are different names […]

apart from the few iranians who claim that friday is named after this persian chick named farideh (and i want to place on record that i have nothing against iranians – as long as they’re female), most people agree that the etymology of the word has to do more with venus than any other woman. of […]