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nice birthday


the cool thing about this birthday (apart from the fact that this was the fifth time that it was divisible by five) was that i spent it among a groupof people who were all almost exactly the same age i am – and have known me long enough to make the age factor inconsequential. i […]

sometimes you get bitten by the crazy bug. the risk of this multiplies exponentially when the three people who are hanging out together happen to be the turk, the stud and yours truly. they say that in a death free environment e. coli bacteria can multiply from being a single cell to four milion kilograms […]

not again…


add to the list of things stolen from me: yet another mobile phone, my trusty sony ericsson. i’m too incensed to write anything more now.

this is the first scene of a play i’m writing. any resemblance to any persons living or dead is probably accidental. go figure. also let me know if its worth continuing. the soliloquies a play in 1 act cast: abdullah shah karachvi – (the central character. a dark, overweight and generally unattractive young man. abdullah […]

out of all the things that happened yesterday, one stands out as being more than mildly interesting. after ages of pestering each other, link 3 and i actually managed to meet up for fifteen minutes in front of habib bank plaza. and the “surprise”, or at least part of it, was that link 1 was […]

Copy 1 of Picture(40) Originally uploaded by Xill-e-Ilahi. when by the end of the working day (and night) your dustbin begins to look like this, it suddenly hits you that all the jokes about broad wheelbases begin to become decidedly unfunny, yet you grudgingly admit that kentucky boiled chicken would never have made it big. […]

i know that this post is slanderous (or is that libelous?) to the extreme but losing a series to the english hurts. especially when that clown panesar takes wickets and a wanker like bell manages to get three centuries – to date. and i know that the following 55ers don’t make inzi any less of […]