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one of the biggest identifying traits of any major south asian city is the preponderance of crows flying just above headlevel – well shaquille o’neal headlevel – irritating the hell out of innocent passersby. especially when they try to sing. a crow is to singing as a sloth is to dieting. they sound so bad, these poor birds, […]

kipling had it wrong. keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you has got nothing to do with being a man. its about being able to pay your bills. imagine yourself in a situation where you’ve managed to generate a bill of rs 27,379 for your room service over […]

the next time you want to feel alive, i strongly recommend you try letting your horse gallop at full speed along the ghoragali track near murree while your arms hang loose by your sides. its rash, dangerous, the most ridiculous way to get a thrill possible and yet – beautiful. or you could sit on […]

it is indeed ironic that after all this time without being able to blog, when i do come online i choose to write about gujranwala. what is more ironic is that neither the chiras nor the batairs could do to me what their mountain dew did two days later. mild food poisoning. at least i […]