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Abba’s BP spiked today and he had to rush to the hospital amid the usual heart related worries. The ECG, Alhamdolillah, revealed nothing to worry about and he’s much better now but a couple of tests still have to be done. Here’s hoping that all will be well, Inshallah. I sit here having just read […]

Hot summer nights with little to keep me awake and much to keep me from sleeping. a pause before the caller says hello and infinite heartbeats in the split second as the intake of breath becomes almost palpably you. interrupted magic, broken spells. dreams where deo-sprays smell like myrrh and and jasmine and sandalwood. where […]

Now that my sentence here appears to reach its end, I’m forced to mention the silver lining on this cloud… – People offering you a cup of tea and getting offended when you say you don’t drink tea – People offering you anything at all as opposed to asking how much time you’ll take – […]



Yeh aadhi raat ko churiaan si kya khanaktee hain? Koi aata hai ya mairee hee zanjeerain chanakti hain? They say that you can lose a won match just by letting down your guard for an instant. Theres something about Urdu poetry that heightens feeling. Its like being on X. Emotion, be it love, hate, rage, […]

David may have pulled it off, but the best bet is always on Goliath. Ponting as usual, pulled off another victory. However, for once, the Bangladeshis can walk back to the pavillion with their heads held high. This match truly showcased the birth of the next Asian giant. Welcome to the club. Read more here […]



The history of suicide attacks stretches back at least to the 11th century, when the Assassins, the disciples of the Persian master Alamut, conducted suicide raids on neighboring fortresses. The Koran forbids suicide, Mr. Post noted, but he added that suicide bombers often consider their deaths acts of heroism, not self-destruction, and believe they will […]

My Hell


Shane Warne, Adnan Ahmed (KTF) Circle I Limbo Osama bin Laden Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind George Bush, Benazir Bhutto Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow Most Punjabis, Biharis Circle IV Rolling Weights Muhammad Irfan Mangu, Muhammad Adeel Noor Bengaliwala Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled River Styx Shakeel […]