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i remember posting a piece on my blog about a painting an artist friend made some time back. two weeks ago i saw the thing in dawn’s weekly art section, gallery, and i thought “damn, what a ripoff” before i noticed who it had been credited to. for something about the veneration a desi woman […]

for christ’s sake, if they hated the last post so much they could have told me! for what seems to be the umpteenth time over the past four years i was relieved of my cellphone by three gentlemen who will soon, hopefully, be beset by bubonic plague, leprosy, rabies and all sorts of torturous aches […]

the telenor marketing staff is abolutely unbelievable. as in your face as the guys distributing those aaya bengali, chhaaya bengali, mehboob ko qadmon mein laaya bengali flyers. the one that promise cures for everything from influenza to impotence. the other day i was at one of their offices paying my mother’s bill when this chick behind […]