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when patrick swayze was still alive, he made a movie in which he died and no one could see his ghost but whoopi goldberg could hear him. now that he’s dead i’m not sure if they make movies in hollywood heaven – and if they do i wonder who plays the hot wife, i mean, […]

i don’t correct typos. this is an ego issue. and one of faith. what i mean to say is that checking for errors is the work of a lesser man than the iceman and, frankly, i just don’t believe in automated spellcheckers. plus that’s the only thing that keeps my works of art from being […]

for some unexplained reason – though it’s probably because i’m the personification of eternal youth – no one believes i’m 34 if i tell them. which i’m not. but that’s besides the point.  of course no one really believes i’m 12 either but just so that i look dumb by association rather than dumb because […]

i don’t normally do this, but i got tagged by a very regular visitor, mona. so here goes. five supposedly wierd facts about me. i chew ice. lots of it. i pile up the cubes till the glass or mug or beaker or whatever is full and then fill in the gaps with sickly sweet […]