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… taqreeb kuch to behr-e-mulaqaat chahiye” mirza ghalib (a pretty long time ago) considering that you lot have awesomely short memories, a symptom of mental retardation – you are after all reading this blog – i’ll be nice and remind you of the last time we discussed the work of nida waqas nee` aqeel. it […]

when great writers can’t write, they write about not being able to write. that, among other reasons, is why they’re great writers. hillaire belloc, yes he of “cautionary tales” fame, once wrote an essay called on the death of my muse in his collection, on nothing. that the guy was a racist and an absolute bounder is somewhat […]

it is indeed ironic that after all this time without being able to blog, when i do come online i choose to write about gujranwala. what is more ironic is that neither the chiras nor the batairs could do to me what their mountain dew did two days later. mild food poisoning. at least i […]

for christ’s sake, if they hated the last post so much they could have told me! for what seems to be the umpteenth time over the past four years i was relieved of my cellphone by three gentlemen who will soon, hopefully, be beset by bubonic plague, leprosy, rabies and all sorts of torturous aches […]

to continue the rant against what seems to be the premature demise of my beloved mother tongue, albeit at a tangent, i present to you the classic case of the end of verbosity in urdu shairee. the class and style has given way to simple efficiency. much like sacrificing the pure talent and artistry of […]

dang. double dang. i know that i was the last person alive who watched animal planet regularly. so the news of the crocodile hunter’s death being on everyone’s mouths came as a bit of a surprise. maybe they heard of it from all the animals that were celebrating the departure of the one guy who […]

i,who hardly ever write on anything political, found this piece rather interesting. nice justification by the author. i could list a million people who would draw entirely different conclusions. comments anyone?