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ok here goes, cuz. am thinking about… the irony in life that gives me less time to write now that i’m studying and gives more time to write to cousins who have only just started university… i said… that inzamam would never be acquitted of the disrepute charge, madugalle or no madugalle, and i was […]

i remember that around two thirds of my life ago i had a geography teacher named andrews, a scot who claimed he resigned a commisssion in the royal air force, who told me that to respond to a question without actually answering it was a very irish thing to do. “have you submitted your assignment, […]

You Are 28% Paranoid Schizophrenic You’re pretty grounded, though you have your occasional paranoid moments. Just make sure to ignore those voices in your head! Are You A Paranoid Schizophrenic? this is what you end up doing when you’re still gettingyour stuff reviewed by the guy on the other side of the desk at 4:51 […]

when i was thirteen a chameleon invaded the boundary wall of my castle. where it came from noone knows. or frankly cares. it was the only instance of chameleon invasion i can recall. squirrels came regularly till about the time i reached puberty – though i’m sure there has to be a better reason for […]

favourite dream


this is the song that’s currently totally on my mind. nice bluesy track with two very good things going for it, one that its a paki song and two that it is so damn heartfelt. it sounds corny the first two or hree times but it really grows on you. she loved a brighter shade […]

i remember when the boredom that comes from an overweight man’s tired voice lecturing about something a guy already knew could be alleviated by a single glance outside the classroom door. my spectacled eyes saw nothing much – just recognized the euphoria that came from being smiled back at by you. now there’s nothing to […]

dang. double dang. i know that i was the last person alive who watched animal planet regularly. so the news of the crocodile hunter’s death being on everyone’s mouths came as a bit of a surprise. maybe they heard of it from all the animals that were celebrating the departure of the one guy who […]