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one of the most elementary examples of unbigoted racisms as described in the iceman’s guide to anthropology and other theories you shouldn’t believe is that one has a belief in the superiority of his languages over all others. this despite the fact that as per my understanding the sons of adam continued to speak the […]

lets face it. i was once a pseudointellectual type. at one point in time it was considered cool to have an air of iconoclastic existentialist angst about oneself, a perpetually wrinkled brow and a tendency to speak about the world with an affected air of superiority. to complete the image you had to listen to european […]

imran khan was never my idol – even though i was one of “imran’s tigers” in the shaukat khanum fundraising thing and had an autographed picture to prove it – that slot, as cricket goes, has always been wasim akram’s. there was always something special about someone whom even imran khan called the prince of pakistan. […]

…laraz jaata hai aavaaz-e-azaan se from queen’s east/west fusion track on coke studio’s thirty-third season. ________________________________________ no, i had nothing to to do with the hashish they found in mussafah. and this post was not written while under the influence of anything stronger than the shai haleeb that the tea boy, hidayatullah the blessed, manages to plant on […]

of all of nature’s mercies, the greatest is the sindhri mango. the next is cricket. alexander the great (326 BC) on the shores of krokola (now karachi) _________________________________________________ oscar wilde, while discussing cricket, once complained, “it requires one to assume such indecent postures“. to the best of my knowledge, ijaz ahmed was slightly after his […]