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the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men, gang aft agley, robert burns – 1785 Advertisements

it has been said that attempts at creativity, like writing, revive, and occasionally even resurrect, the dying (or dead, depending on how deep your faith is) brain cells that are the collateral damage of the mental exhaustion that goes along with the husool-e-rizq-e-halal policy that is the bane (and also the salvation) of my brothers-in-faith […]

i have this feeling that as the singular reason for our association comes to an end, that among all the goodbyes and farewells fond and fake, there will be one subtle nod of a tilted head, a twinkled acknowledgement in two black eyes, that will affect me more deeply than the last departing hugs of […]

the next time you want to feel alive, i strongly recommend you try letting your horse gallop at full speed along the ghoragali track near murree while your arms hang loose by your sides. its rash, dangerous, the most ridiculous way to get a thrill possible and yet – beautiful. or you could sit on […]

you watch animal planet and you see nature at her finest. packs of wolves hunting reindeer in the siberian taiga. graceful gazelles drinking at waterholes in the african savannah. the fish eagle diving for prey by the sea shores. the beautiful arabian horses racing in the saharan desert. and always the arrogant majesty of the […]

hollywood has explored near life experiences like nothing else has. and while cliches of tunnels with light at the end and life swimming before your eyes and black guys in white suits make for good cinematic experiences, i guess all of that is a load of crap. i know what death looks like, i’ve seen it. […]

desis are odd people. i can say that and get away with it because i’m a desi. if i wasn’t, that would have been racist. what i meant to say was that non-desis are odd people, but that of course would have made me the racist and i really can’t afford a lawsuit at the moment. […]