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    you wouldn’t be very wrong if you suggested that i had obsessive compulsive disorder. but i will not stop until i get all 93. Advertisements

the answer to most things in life has been found in literature. how one defines literature, however, is important when analysing the previous statement. if a variety of definitions didn’t exist, half the pseudo-intellectuals  in the world who parade around bragging about their post graduate degrees in subjects which never got them more than an […]

… on fm radio. ____________________________ there is, in abu dhabi, a harley davidson dealership which seems to sell more jackets than choppers. there is one hell of a good restaurant that claims to have the original “americana” variety of that very pakistani dish, chicken tikka, and a laloo laundry run by – you guessed it […]

… taqreeb kuch to behr-e-mulaqaat chahiye” mirza ghalib (a pretty long time ago) considering that you lot have awesomely short memories, a symptom of mental retardation – you are after all reading this blog – i’ll be nice and remind you of the last time we discussed the work of nida waqas nee` aqeel. it […]

kipling had it wrong. keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you has got nothing to do with being a man. its about being able to pay your bills. imagine yourself in a situation where you’ve managed to generate a bill of rs 27,379 for your room service over […]

there are reasons why auditors are generally considered to be the wierdest form of humanity after pakistan muslim leaguers and p.i.a. air hostesses. innate wit and a splendid sense of humour are not among them. neither, of course, is sanity. so when you become the ball being kicked around between managers who insist you get to the […]

i remember posting a piece on my blog about a painting an artist friend made some time back. two weeks ago i saw the thing in dawn’s weekly art section, gallery, and i thought “damn, what a ripoff” before i noticed who it had been credited to. for something about the veneration a desi woman […]