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admittedly i have been somewhat lax in our online reminiscences of the life of my royal majesty, leaving you to pine for updates but everything worth having is worth delaying so that the demand supply ratio works in the favour of the supplier. i’m sure warren buffet would approve of my market strategy. when you […]

as a rule i keep my friends and family separate. this is not because i don’t like my family or because i like my friends too much but because if you’re a desi the way you categorise relatives is already very complicated without throwing in the friend card. let me explain. there are different names […]

in every fat man there is a thin man screaming to get out. in every colonial desi man there is a gora screaming to get out. in every fat colonial desi man there is a thin gora screaming to get out. which is why i have deep sympathies for the thin goras at barbecue delight […]

said one girl to another, referring of course, to the thirty something guy with his daughter in his arms. if this was the only information i gave you, you’d wholeheartedly concur and probably throw in a few choice epithets of your own. so would i. but if i told you that the lady in question […]

eavesdropping has always been one of my pet intuitive, if ill-mannered, idiosyncrasies. so has alliteration, as you can see, but that’s irrelevant. its not as if i do it intentionally but seat me in a crowded restaurant and i’m more likely to be zoning in on the conversation at the table beside mine than on the […]

metrosexual i am not – no ashton kutcher, i. neither am i that roguish yet sartorially elegant james bond type. hell i’m not even the sophisticool p. diddy variety. and this is a reality that i’m totally comfortable with. i’m your run of the mill average joe. ok, since this is desiland, make that average […]

when i was in the fourth grade i was on a flight that had imran khan, the super celebrity cricketer on it. this was way back in the eighties when the dude had people swooning just at the sight of him. needless to say, the whole plane was making a fuss. people from the economy […]