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when i was still in school i had a crush on this girl in my class who was pretty well sorted in the looks department. unfortunately, she had a disturbing preference for the rugged bad boy type with a rolled up rizzla in one hand and a gunshot wound on the other which left granny-glasses me […]

i’m pretty sure we all know the guy who designed the parental control tool for the kaspersky security thingy on your computer. this is the kid who sniggered like an idiot when you read allama iqbal’s shair palatna, jhapatna, palat ker jhapatna lahoo garm rakhnay ka hai eik bahana in a comprehension passage titled warzish […]

it is an undisputed reality that val kilmer is cool. he has to be. he played a dude called the iceman before i got famous. but if coolness was an art form, he was pablo freaking picasso when he played doc holliday in tombstone. that is some one-liner. if pressed, i’d have to admit losing […]