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when all else fails, there is always apple juice. __________________________ which brings me to the subject at hand. one of the many things people don’t know about auditors is that they do not really like to be the boring geeks no one acknowledges are related to them. seriously. your average auditor, were he given the […]

ulm, baden-wurtemberg, germany, may be the kind of backwater you never visited or wanted to, but people with i.p. addresses originating from there have wandered on to this blog so woe betide thee who disrespecteth the place. even though it sounds like something my industrial sized stomach rumbles when the occupation rate dips below normal. […]

the answer to most things in life has been found in literature. how one defines literature, however, is important when analysing the previous statement. if a variety of definitions didn’t exist, half the pseudo-intellectuals  in the world who parade around bragging about their post graduate degrees in subjects which never got them more than an […]

there are reasons why auditors are generally considered to be the wierdest form of humanity after pakistan muslim leaguers and p.i.a. air hostesses. innate wit and a splendid sense of humour are not among them. neither, of course, is sanity. so when you become the ball being kicked around between managers who insist you get to the […]

you become an auditor and you go places where sane men have never been before. places which, when talked about, leave the audience in tears (of sorrow or laughter depending on who they are) and occasionally in abject disbelief at the things we encounter in the name of good corporate governance and true and fair […]

 in true patriotic inzi-style, first of all thanks to Almighty Allah that my mother is now feeling much better and has started walking (with the help of a walker) again. Inshallah she’ll be fully mobile within a month or so. the surgeon was a good doc and a really nice guy in the bargain. that he looks […]

if there isn’t an old chinese proverb to that effect i’ll be very very surprised.  i remember old family pictures from long ago when i was a kid before the entire collection was practically destroyed in the rains of 1991 when our storeroom got flooded. rather than the informal lounging relaxed poses common in today’s […]