tesko, tesko, tesko, mujhe log bolein…


history, as we all know, is a nawaz sharif. as in it repeats itself.

i think 50/50 made this video back in the seventies or eighties, probably around the time pakistan went to new zealand on its first succesful overseas tour in ’72-73 – either that or, which is more likely, the tour in ’84-85 when we got whipped pretty bad. it lampoons zaheer abbas‘s ineptitude against the kiwis, who were probably the only team who ever really troubled him (he averaged less than eighteen against them as opposed to almost 45 overall). the video would be just as apt this year with our blundering team ridding itself of its captain days before the tour was to start. fortunately, the replacement captain kind of excels against new zealand, averaging over 64 against them as opposed to a more than respectable 54.86 overall.

but my post was not about cricket. it was about chhaalia. and the fact that mouth cancer be damned, it is now more or less approved by the religious authorities who’ve declared lay’s halal.

from now on i’m replacing my standard “oh mai gott!” which i use whenever someone becomes too inglish for me with “oh, tesko!“.


8 Responses to “tesko, tesko, tesko, mujhe log bolein…”

  1. 1 FAZEEL

    I think it was the tour of 84-85 of New Zealand. According to my naaqis aqal goes the 50/50 was on air in 1980’s not 1970’s and bhai saab I have never eaten chhalia in my life but I can say chhaalia khaanay ka dil Owais bhai ka bhi hai:)

    Came back to your blog after such a long time, just want to ask is there any ways you can start your 55 words story thing again.

  2. 2 Mystic

    forgot to tell u, u should read the comments on youtube to the tesko advert..priceless!

  3. 3 Mystic

    why oh why do i find this so unbelievably hilarious? :S

  4. @ fazeel: welcome back! 🙂 i’m sure there is some way to restart 55 – it involves looking through my hard disk. visit back in a few days and i might just surprise you. then again, i might just not. my level of deliverance will be directly proportionate to our team’s performance in new zealand. 😛

  5. 5 Mystic

    tesko for some weird obscure reason is found by me to be unbelievably funny! the damn thing just cracks me up!

  6. 6 khawar

    have u lost the motivation to update your blog or u r upto something bigger?

  7. I love oh my gott- I say it for the kicks often. My friends look at my disapprovingly, it’s so much fun.

  8. 8 Anil

    Maybe someone could lend NZ pitches what Lendl once famously said of Wimbledon.

    “Grass is for cows.” 🙂

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